Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Polish Jesus

Dear Polish Jesus,

So here's the deal.

We've almost finished another year together, so I guess I would be remiss if I didn't thank you for keeping me and mine out of harms way.....So thanks.

This upcoming year will be my last year on Earth where I am NOT going to be 50. In the summer of 2013 the impossible will happen....your Polish servant Klecko will be classified as "that old guy" or "when he was young you really shoulda seen him" guy.

One more year huh?

After considering this, my first reaction was to finish my "not old Klecko" stint by doing jet set stuff, you know.....basically I would hit the ground running for 365 straight.

But a funny thing has happened to me this year, during the year of the rabbit. During my year.

I think, and it pains me to say this, but I think that perhaps this may have been the year that I actually "grew up".

Through social media I have learned a tremendous amount about the human soul.

As you may have noticed, not many people are as socially retarded as me.

Not many people live their lives intentionally disconnecting their privacy filter.

But through social media I have creeped into the dreams, desires and fantasies of too many people.

The world will bare their soul if it's on a blog site Polish Jesus, and that's the straight up truth.

As the Last American Baker, I have been blessed to observe thousands of stories and miracles that have taken place with people that were some how connected to one staple item.

A loaf of bread.

But here's what's changing, this is what kinda freaks me out P.J.

For the first couple of decades that I entered "The Show", people got into the Food Industry why?

Because they wanted to feed people.

But today, through the web sites, blogs and e-mails I've collected, I've determined people want to get into this industry to feed themselves.

To build a false confidence, to shine ego.

You know that Klecko's not a cynical guy Polish Jesus, but let's face it......

Everybody-everybody-everybody wants to have their own spot light, everyone feels entitled to get their own reality show.

O-M-G.....could you imagine a planet with 8 billion Snookies?

Ya wanna know what I've learned this year Polish Jesus?

You wanna know why I think it's possible that maturity may not elude me for my entire existence?

Because I've actually taken some time this year to stop....think and be honest with myself.

I too wanted to be glorified. I too wanted non stop attention.

But now I will declare to you that my days for honoring myself have passed.

It just kinda hit me out of nowhere that everybody dies one day. Everybody and everything will cease to exist.....even Klecko.

I might be dumb, but I'm not stupid.

I get it, I will stand at some kind of finish line one day and will be judged.

I don't know this as fact, but it is my new supposition that you, John Paul 2 and Saint Faustina won't give a rat's tail about how many books I've sold, or how many times I was on the TV or radio.

I think I will be judged on just one thing.


In this world you either are, or are not filled with this.

Now the last thing I want to do is preach to the Polish Messiah, but seriously...

I get it, through compassion comes mercy, through mercy comes healing.

We are an infected brood down here huh?

I love you Polish Jesus, and I could list 1000 things to thank you for, but just for tonight, let it suffice for me to simply thank you for the honor you have bestowed on me.

Thank you for the privilege of baking for an entire city for over a 1/4 century.

And if I may be so bold oh holiest of Pollack's.........

Help this next wave, this current generation of chefs, cooks, bakers & foodies realize that honoring oneself is the direct opposite of the greatest gift one live creature can pass to another.

To feed another humility.

Good Night Polish Jesus, and have a great New Year.

P.S., if its not too much trouble, please pass on my regards to Johnny Cash !

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