Saturday, June 22, 2013

Milkbread and Zombies

Yesterday I should have known.

Sue McGleno boarded her little VW and headed south to Omaha.

During her absence, Klecko was busy placing the finishing touches on Milk Bread recipes.

Milk Bread is kinda the buzz around the Twin Cities at the moment.....

due to the fact that one of our cities award winning pastry chefs was making it on the side to fill some wholesale orders.

Why is Milk Bread so sexy?

Maybe because it simply hasn't been available in our area for decades.

Brit's love their Milk Bread.

Brit's love a tight interior and a scorched crumbwall.

The best way to really make a Milk Bread sing loud is to add butter for your fat and paint the top of the bun with a glaze before you toss it in your proof box.


I was going to have a Rusty Nail last night, then wake up this morning and watch Rifleman (which is a secret indulgence for the 1 out of 4 Fridays I don't have to be somewhere @ 6 a.m.) but our power went out.

In fact 250 000 people lost power in the Metro, I have been w/o for 11 hours now.

And when this stuff happens......wouldn't you know???? It comes like a thief in the night.

It always takes place just 90 minutes after you unloaded a buttload of groceries you just bought.

The last time I lost power for an extended time, it was winter and Sue McGleno and KiKi were somewhere in the tropics on Jet Ski's while Baby Tydas and I just sat in the living room.

Our furnace was dead, it was cold and we couldn't see 1 foot in front of our face.

We just sat and hours passed in absolute silence, which was finally broke by my sons voice declaring.....

"Thanks for not making me play a game or read, I would just like to sit here and wait for death."

LOL...I so agree with his stance.

Anyways, it wouldn't even be so bad, but Sue McGleno has a mentally challenged Jack Russell named Romeo, and he was spastic throughout the entire night.

I just laid there in bed with him and Deedle-Deedle until the sun came up.

Without power, waiting for the sun is like trying to wait out a vampire.....

Tick...........Tock drags the clock.

So now I am on the way to work right?

I am going to put groceries in the cooler/freezer and charge my phone.

Theres trees blown over and everything is not just wet....

It's wet-wet, if that makes sense.

As I chugged down the early morning freeway in my bread truck.

It occurred to me how weird the world would get, or how fast it would get weird if we didn't have civil municipalities to fix our ailing situation.

People would freak hard, and freak fast huh?

Oh yeah, one last thing.....

So last night I considered praying for my lights to come back on.

But then I thought about puppies lost and people with cancer and I felt cloddish for my request.

I know some of you pray, but I don't enjoy asking God for small things. I try to save my requests up so when I do drop them before the almighty.....they will have impact.

Let their be lights guys...the baker has stuff to do today.


  1. I always heard that there were a glut of babies born 9 month after a prolonged power outage...
    I know milk bread from Germany, especially rolls (Milchbrötchen).

  2. Let's look forward to March then.......