Monday, October 21, 2013

List of Irish Cheese

Saturday night I took Sue McGleno to the Moose Country Pub to visit with a former colleague who had recently got married.

The guy was a dough mixer, and I worked side by side with the kid for 7 years.

I have never been one to get excited to go to weddings or funerals, but this event was more of a post wedding party (the couple tied the knot several weeks ago during an elopement in Seattle) where people didn't really get all that dolled up.

At the party, some random guy just steps up to a special corner table I had reserved for my wife and I to secure some privacy...and the random guy asks.....

"What did one fly say to the other fly?"

To which Sue McGleno and I exchanged looks of befuddlement......

"Is that stool taken?" the guy says answering his own question while proceeding to sit down and become the 5th wheel.

Usually I have no problem being "that guy", and the thought did occur to me that I might shoo this guy away....

But there just wasn't much available seating, and the guys generosity in sharing his personal views on blood thinners and WW2 campaigns was really quite endearing.

After awhile the random guy took off to smoke, and truth be told I thought we had lost him to the festivities, but fortunate was I to have him return with the following message that God seemed to have lain upon his heart.......

"Did you know they make more different kinds of cheese in Ireland than they do in Wisconsin?"

Random man never backed this claim up with any rational statistics, but the thought in of itself was enough to make me glad that I had attended this extravaganza.

I don't know how the following stacks up against Wisconsin (or any other part of the world for that matter), but I did find this cheese grid, and I must say....I found it quite impressive.

Cheese NameTypeMilkRennetNotesProducer
Abbey Blue BrieCowPasteurizedVegetarianBlueAbbey Cheese Company
Abbey Smoked BrieCowPasteurizedVegetarianSmoked BrieAbbey Cheese Company
Ardagh Castle GjetostGoatRawVegetarianArdagh Castle cheese
Ardagh Castle Goats CheeseGoat (from whey)RawVegetarianWensleyday styleArdagh Castle cheese
Ardagh Castle RicottaGoat (from whey)RawVegetarianRicottaArdagh Castle cheese
ArdrahanCowPasteurizedVegetarianArdrahan Cheese
Ardsallagh Hard Goat’s CheeseGoatPasteurizedVegetarianArdsallagh Goats Products
Ardsallagh Smoked CheeseGoatPasteurizedVegetarianArdsallagh Goats Products
Ardsallagh Soft Goat’s CheeseGoatPasteurizedVegetarianArdsallagh Goats Products
Ballintubber Cheddar with ChivesCowPasteurizedVegetarianCahills Farm cheese
BallybrieCowPasteurizedVegetarianSoft Creamy BrieFivemiletown Creamery
BallyblueCowPasteurizedVegetarianSoft Blue BrieFivemiletown Creamery
BallyoakCowPasteurizedVegetarianSoft Smoked BrieFivemiletown Creamery
Ballyhooly BlueCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
Ballyporeen with Mixed Irish HerbsCowPasteurizedVegetarianCahills Farm cheese
Bay Lough CheddarCowRawVegetarianBay Lough cheese
Bay Lough Cheddar SmokedCowRawVegetarianBay Lough cheese
Bay Lough Cheddar Smoked with Garlic & HerbsCowRawVegetarianBay Lough cheese
Bay Lough Cheddar With Garlic & HerbsCowRawVegetarianBay Lough cheese
Beal Handmade CheddarCowRawTraditionalBéal Organic Cheese
Beal Raw Milk CheddarCowRawTraditionalBéal Organic Cheese
Beara BlueCowRawTraditionalBlue Stilton styleKnockatee Cheese
Bellingham BlueCowRawVegetarianGlyde Farm Produce
Bluebell Falls CygnusGoatHeat TreatedVegetarianBluebell Falls Cheese
Bluebell Falls Cygnus with HoneyGoatHeat TreatedVegetarianBluebell Falls Cheese
Bluebell Falls Cygnus with PepperGoatHeat TreatedVegetarianBluebell Falls Cheese
Bluebell Falls OrionGoatHeat TreatedVegetarianBluebell Falls Cheese
Bluebell Falls PegasusGoatHeat TreatedVegetarianBluebell Falls Cheese
Boilie Cheese PearlsCowPasteurizedVegetarianSoft Creamy cheese pearls marinated in peppercorns infused in a garlic oilFivemiletown Creamery
Boilie Goats Cheese PearlsGoatPasteurizedVegetarianSoft Creamy cheese pearls marinated in peppercorns infused in a garlic oilFivemiletown Creamery
Boyne Valley BlueCowRawVegetarianGlyde Farm Produce
Burren GoldCowRawBurren Gold
Cahill’s Ardagh Wine CheeseCowPasteurizedVegetarianCahills Farm cheese
Cahill’s Original Irish Porter CheeseCowPasteurizedVegetarianCahills Farm cheese
Cahill’s Whiskey CheeseCowPasteurizedVegetarianCahills Farm cheese
Cais DubhCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
Cais RuaCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
Carlow CheeseCowRawTraditionalEdam styleCarlow Cheese
Carlow Cheese FlavouredCowRawTraditionalFlavored Edam styleCarlow Cheese
CarrigalineCowPasteurizedVegetarianCarrigaline Farmhouse Cheese
Carrigaline Beech SmokedCowPasteurizedVegetarianCarrigaline Farmhouse Cheese
Carrigaline Garlic & HerbCowPasteurizedVegetarianCarrigaline Farmhouse Cheese
CarrowhollyCowRawVegetarianGouda styleCarrowholly cheese
Carrowholly Cheese FlavouredCowRawVegetarianGouda styleCarrowholly cheese
Cashel BlueCowPasteurizedVegetarianBlueJ&L Grubb
ChulchoillGoatPasteurizedVegetarianCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
Cleire Goats CheeseGoatRawN/ACheese curdCleire Goats Cheese
Clonmore CheeseGoatHeat TreatedVegetarianGouda styleClonmore Cheese
Coleraine cheddarCow???TraditionalCheddar styleColeraine cheddar
Coolattin CheddarCowRawTraditionalCheddar styleCoolattin Cheddar
Coolea CheeseCowPasteurizedTraditionalGouda styleCoolea Cheese
Cooleeney Farmhouse CheeseCowRawVegetarianCamembert styleCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
Natural Goats LogGoatPasteurizedVegetarianCreamy, lemony fresh tangFivemiletown Creamery
CorkottaCowRawTraditionalMade from WheyFermoy Natural Cheese
Corleggy Goat’s CheeseGoatRawVegetarianCorleggy Cheese
Cratloe HillsSheepPasteurizedVegetarianPecorino styleCratloe Hills
CreenySheepRawVegetarianPecorino styleCorleggy Cheese
CroghanGoatRawVegetarianCroghan Cheese
Crozier BlueSheepPasteurizedVegetarianBlueJ&L Grubb
DaruCowPasteurizedVegetarianCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
DesmondCowRawVegetarianThermophilic (Swiss style)West Cork Natural Cheese
DilliskusCowRawVegetarianDingle Peninsula Cheese
DoolinCowDoolin Cheese
Dromana FlavouredCowPasteurizedVegetarianKnockalara Farmhouse Cheese
DrumlinCowRawVegetarianCorleggy Cheese
DublinerCowHeat TreatedVegetarianCheddar styleDubliner Cheese
DuhallowCowPasteurizedVegetarianArdrahan Cheese
DunbarraCowPasteurizedVegetarianCamembert styleCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
Durrus CheeseCowRawTraditionalDurrus Cheese
EmeraldCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
Emerald Irish BrieCowPasteurizedVegetarianBrieCarrigbyrne cheese
Fivemiletown Cheddar RangeCowPasteurizedVegetarianMild, Medium, Mature, Extra Mature, Ligher Mature, Mild and Medium SlicedFivemiletown Creamery
GabrielCowRawVegetarianThermophilic (Swiss style)West Cork Natural Cheese
Gleann OirGoatPasteurizedVegetarianBrieCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
Glebe BrethanCowRawTraditionalComté styleGlebe Brethan
GortnamonaGoatPasteurizedVegetarianCamembert styleCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
GubbeenCowPasteurizedTraditionalGubbeen Farmhouse Cheese
Hegarty’s CheddarCowPasteurizedVegetarianCheddar styleHegarty’s Cheddar
HiberniaCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
Imokilly RegatoCowPasteurizedTraditionalProtected Designation of Origin (PDO)Dairygold
Kerry BlueCowRawTraditionalBlue Stilton styleKnockatee Cheese
KilcumminCowRawVegetarianDingle Peninsula Cheese
Killeen Cow’s CheeseCowPasteurizedTraditionalGouda styleKilleen Farmhouse Cheese
Killeen Goat’s CheeseGoatPasteurizedTraditionalGouda styleKilleen Farmhouse Cheese
Knockalara Semi-Hard Sheeps CheeseSheepPasteurizedVegetarianKnockalara Farmhouse Cheese
Knockalara Sheep’s CheeseSheepPasteurizedVegetarianKnockalara Farmhouse Cheese
Knockanore FlavouredCowRawVegetarianKnockanore Farmhouse Cheese
Knockanore PlainCowRawVegetarianCheddar styleKnockanore Farmhouse Cheese
Knockanore SmokedCowRawVegetarianSmoked ApplewoodKnockanore Farmhouse Cheese
Knockatee CheddarCowRawTraditionalCheddar styleKnockatee Cheese
Knockatee GoudaCowRawTraditionalGouda styleKnockatee Cheese
Knockdrinna Fresh Goats LogGoatPasteurizedTraditionalKnockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese
Knockdrinna Goat’s Brined CheeseGoatPasteurizedTraditionalFeta styleKnockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese
Knockdrinna GoldGoatPasteurizedTraditionalTomme styleKnockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese
Knockdrinna Meadow Sheep’s CheeseSheepPasteurizedTraditionalTomme styleKnockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese
Knockdrinna SnowGoatPasteurizedTraditionalCamembert styleKnockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese
LavistownCowPasteurizedTraditionalKnockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese
MaigheanCowRawVegetarianCamembert styleCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
MilleensCowPasteurizedTraditionalMunster styleMilleens
Millhouse Sheep’s CheeseSheepRawVegetarianMillhouse Sheep’s Cheese
Mine-gabharGoatRawVegetarianCroghan Cheese
Moonshine Organic CheeseCowPasteurizedVegetarianOrganicMoonshine Farm Cheese
MossfieldCowPasteurizedVegetarianOrganic, Gouda styleMossfield Organic Farm
Mossfield FlavouredCowPasteurizedVegetarianOrganic, Gouda styleMossfield Organic Farm
Mossfield MatureCowPasteurizedVegetarianOrganic, Gouda styleMossfield Organic Farm
Mount Callan CheddarCowRawTraditionalCheddar styleMount Callan Cheddar
OakwoodCowPasteurizedVegetarianNaturally Smoked Mature Cheddar, Also comes in grated bagsFivemiletown Creamery
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with BlueberriesCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with ChilliCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with ChivesCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with CranberriesCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with Herb & GarlicCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with Irish PorterCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with Red WineCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with WalnutsCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Cheddar with WhiskeyCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Extra Mature White CheddarCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old Irish Creamery Smoked CheddarCowPasteurizedVegetarianJOD Foods
Old MacDonnells Fresh Cow’s CheeseCowPasteurizedVegetarianOld MacDonnells Farm Cheese
Old MacDonnells Fresh Goat’s CheeseGoatPasteurizedVegetarianOld MacDonnells Farm Cheese
Orchard Cottage Fresh Goat’s CheeseGoatRawVegetarianOrchard Cottage Dairy
Orchard Cottage Goat’s Cheese in OilGoatRawVegetarianOrchard Cottage Dairy
Orla CheeseSheepRawVegetarianOrla Cheese
Paddy Jack CheeseCowPasteurizedVegetarianGouda styleAbbey Cheese Company
ShandrumCowHeat TreatedVegetarianGouda styleClonmore Cheese
Smoked ArdrahanCowPasteurizedVegetarianArdrahan Cheese
Smoked GubbeenCowPasteurizedTraditionalGubbeen Farmhouse Cheese
St BrendanCowPasteurizedVegetarianBrieCarrigbyrne cheese
St Brendan Brie MiniCowPasteurizedVegetarianBrieCarrigbyrne cheese
St BrigidCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
St Brigid BeagCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
St GallCowRawTraditionalFermoy Natural Cheese
St Kevin BrieCowPasteurizedVegetarianWicklow Farmhouse Cheese
St KillianCowPasteurizedVegetarianCarrigbyrne cheese
St Tola DivineGoatPasteurizedTraditionalOrganicSt Tola
St Tola Hard Goat’sGoatRawTraditionalOrganicSt Tola
St Tola LogGoatRawTraditionalOrganicSt Tola
Tara BanGoatPasteurizedVegetarianGoat's Cheddar styleGleann Gabhra
Tipperary BrieCowPasteurizedVegetarianBrieCooleeney Farmhouse Cheese
Triskel Dew DropGoatRawTraditionalTriskel Cheese
Triskel GwennedCowRawTraditionalTriskel Cheese
Triskel PyramidGoatRawTraditionalTriskel Cheese
Waterford Greek CheeseCowPasteurizedVegetarianKnockalara Farmhouse Cheese
Wicklow BaunCowPasteurizedVegetarianWicklow Farmhouse Cheese
Wicklow BlueCowPasteurizedVegetarianWicklow Farmhouse Cheese
Wicklow GoldCowPasteurizedVegetarianWicklow Farmhouse Cheese
Wilma’s Killorglin CheeseCowPasteurizedTraditionalGouda styleKillorglin Cheese
Wilma’s Killorglin Flavored CheeseCowPasteurizedTraditionalGouda styleKillorglin Cheese

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