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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Top 10 Countries that view Last American Baker

#1 USA
#2 Germany
#3 Canada
#4 United Kingdom
#5 Belgium
#6 France
#7 Australia
#8 Denmark
#9 Malaysia
#10 Russia

Interesting Footnotes -

Until 11 days ago, Canada had always been #2, however....there is a strong pocket of happening cats in Berlin that have been pledging their Mad Love for Danny Klecko, and the baker wants you to know how much he appreciates the German support.

#4 The United Kingdom is the only country in the top 10 that has not sent Klecko a personal message.....hmmmmmm

#6 Dear France, after all the pokes I've taken at you in jest (as well as New York) and you still keep coming back, I guess it goes to show who the real adults in the Blog Room are....Merci and you guys are wonderful.

#8 Denmark, I just did a 48 show showcase at the State Fair entitled "At the Euro Table." We had culinary themed shows that focused on every Euro country. Although the census reports that there is not a lot of Danes in my state, your peeps showed up in the largest number....and in costume none the less.

You guys are my dark horse in the L.A.B. site, and Klecko wants to party with each and every one of you.

#10 Russia, you are number 1 in my heart even though you are number 10 in web site hits, although I wished you guys were higher on the ladder....I shouldn't complain, at least you made the list. I don't see Poland in the top 10 - Sploseeba

OK guys, now you know who your neighbors are, so since we've gotten to become family.....feel free to shout at one another.

1 comment:

  1. Well I guess most of the german mad love must be from me ; )
    But right now I am in London and after reading this post I just had to send you a personal message - although I am not sure if this counts? : )

    Anyway - more mad love from a German in weird and wonderful Great Britain : )