Monday, February 20, 2012

Tattoo's,Corndogs and the 10 most popular Wedding Cake Flavors

When its birthdays, baptisms and weddings.......nobody has as many friends as the village baker.

Of all the events that take place in ones life, it appears to me that nothing can throw a level headed person off of center as quick as a good old fashion wedding.

Weddings have been taking place since the begining of time so you'd think that peeps would have a handle on them by now.....NOT!

Wanna extract every ounce of neurosis out of a family member?????

Plan a wedding.

Wanna spend money that you don't have?????????

Plan a wedding.

Weddings don't discriminate either.......

Rich Man - Poor Man, doesn't matter......when it's time to say "I Do", people go mad, even the coolest kids on the block.

Not to long ago, I was at the tattoo shop getting some ink pumped into my flesh, when out of the blue, my tat-man Jason announced that he was going to get married.

I smiled and was happy for him, his girlfriend is really nice, and I'm gonna predict that these two kids will have a wonderful future together.

With that said.....when I looked at my boy, I could sense some trepidation.

"Whats up daddio?" I asked "Are you getting a little nervous?"

Tat-Man reminded me not to upset him, after all he had a drill full of ink that was capable of leaving perminant reminders.

Jason continued...

"Nah, it's just that she wants to have a circus wedding. She wants it to be outdoors, with a band, but she really has her heart set on corn dogs, cotton candy and traditional fare....dude, my budget is pathetically small."

Now Jason gives me a "I know it will work out no matter what smile" and then announced...

"Do you know how much it cost to rent a portable Port A Potty? I had to rent the truck version. The cheapest one was $1000, but that one was booked on our date, so I got pressured into getting the $1200 version.

Its like I'll have to **** at least 4 times that day if I want to feel like I got my money's worth?"

Then we got into cakes, wedding cakes that is.

I asked if he was thinking outside of the box on this topic. The tattoo gun coincidentially had more pressure applied to it at that point LOL.......

"I'm NOT thinking at all brah....I'm reacting, but to be honest, nah, I don't think she's got any specific plans for that. what are the most traditional flavors?"

I get that a lot, people desiring expert advice on a topic that I can only speculate about at best.

When your heart is having difficulty, do you go the podiatrist, just because he / she has a M.D. after their name?

As we finished up our appointment, I assured my friend that I would talk to some of my peeps and get some ideas together for his wife.

Whenever I look to fill trends I start with a national perspective and after get that information tucked away.. then I place it next to a more regional list of whats hot, and then proceed from there.

Just for kicks, I did a Google search on "Top 10 Wedding Cake Flavors" and the results were interesting. I read one column...a posting which had receaved a ton of traffic, and it listed the following as top 10 most requested cake combo's.......

10. Chocolate-almond cake, chocolate ganache, and mocha buttercream

9. Banana cake and chocolate buttercream

8. Coconut cake and lime buttercream

7. Hazelnut-almond cake, chocolate ganache, and raspberries

6. White cake, lemon buttercream, and raspberries

5. Chocolate devil’s food cake, chocolate ganache, and praline buttercream

4. Lemon cake, lemon curd, and vanilla buttercream

3. Yellow butter cake and chocolate buttercream and/or chocolate ganache

2. Chocolate devil’s food cake, vanilla buttercream, and raspberries

1. Chocolate devil’s food cake and vanilla buttercream

These selections seemed in line, but afterall....what do I know? I'm pretty much a bread guy.

But thank God this baker is an anal Pollack, because I decided to cross check this list against others, and when I did....guess what I discovered?

The site which listed these as trends in 2011, actually took this list from the NEW YORK WEDDING GUIDE listing of 2005.

Word for word.

So in addition to vamping somebody elses data, and not giving props to the original host....this current host didn't tell you that they were peddling fads that were 7 years old!

O-M-G....I don't suppose much has changed in 7 years huh? Why not put pictures of George W or Pokeman on the flippen cake????

People, I do-do my best to entertain you guys, but occasionally I do like to impart a little wisdom.

How many times have you heard me say "Recipes are not meant to be followed to enth degree, they are merely guidelines?"

Well I'd also like to add on to that with.....

"Never put your comeplete trust in recipes or advice that you get from the internet!"

I don't want to sound like a hater, of course I use the internet for assistance, all I'm saying is there is so many pitfalls that can derail your project, so proceed with caution.

With that said, let me leave you with some ideas from a Blog entitled "Wedding Planning Tips."

This was their posting for the most unconventional wedding cake flavors that still work.

"There are several wedding and reception cake essence ideas which are purely refreshing in relation to taste. Are you currently prepared to taste them? Here we go

Chocolate Mint

In circumstance both of you just really like the chocolate-mint flavored ice-cream then you definately are specific to love this flavor as very well. When you are unaware about its taste then in your data it taste someplace such as the Woman Scout cookies.

Orange Creamsicle

You might have cherished numerous instances tasting the orange creamsicle pops as the baby. What about which include precisely the same taste in your ceremony cake? A wonderful option with the spring/summer wedding that becomes each of the a lot more appetizing together with the addition of product cheese or vanilla frosting. What helps make this exceptional flavour will be the refreshing orange juice in addition the orange rind.

Cherry Chip

Among the wedding and reception cake flavors that’s again incredibly yummy for the spring/summer weddings. It truly is nothing at all than a concoction of vanilla cake and cherry chips. An awesome 1 which is well-known for doing nicely together with the buttercream filling and frosting.

Nutella Marriage Ceremony Cake

Earlier than heading ahead further together with the information about it, its time to know much more about nutella. Nicely if you’re mindful nicely and great. And if not then it is a delectable chocolate-hazelnut spread that may be utilised in many means to add taste to any sandwich thereby transforming to not lesser than a dessert. So when you like its flavoring it can be gonna mesmerize you un-conditionally.

Raspberry Cheesecake

It really is on the list of delicious abnormal marriage ceremony cake flavors that can be selected by those who just cannot manage to defy traditions entirely. Because the couples for prolonged have been generating the selection of the cheesecake as a wedding centerpiece but if you’d like to have one more story then this really is what to take a look at.

Mexican Dark Chocolate

It’s the cake that may be identified for being moist and comprising of 3 kinds of chocolates having a dash of cinnamon and smooth-milk dark chocolate frosting. A must-consider for those who need to spice up their reception aided by the spicy wedding cake.


It is one of many good Italian desserts that is exceptional because of its out of your ordinary wedding and reception cake flavoring strategies. In truth a lot of people immediately after tasting it really do not seem to appear away from its magic for prolonged. So in circumstances the flavor just appeals for you why really do not you infuse espresso into cake?

Apple Caramel

If the candied apples charm to you then what about the apple caramel flavor cake? Once again a various one that is positive to please you as possibly.

Dulce de leche

The time period that signifies the “sweet of milk” is one of the broadly popular flavors within the America that’s only a sort of treat for the many caramel lovers all more than the planet. Guess what exactly the same flavored cake was opted by Jenna Bush at her nuptials. Do you nevertheless need testimonials because of its fondness from us?

Dark chocolate Cappuccino

An excellent alternative for each of the coffee lovers and trust us you might be really appreciated for creating the selection of this one particular.

At final earlier than winding up we wish to emphasize that you can find outside of the shadow of doubt many wedding cake flavor suggestions for consideration. But when it comes to decide on the a person that is extremely peculiar and distinct the strange wedding cake flavors are what deserve your attention.

Having said that just before doing the selection of 1 taste, be sure that it need to not simply enchantment to the style buds of yours but the company as nicely. Following all wedding and reception reception is all about getting the friends as the married couple so how can you be so indifferent to their likings and disliking. Consequently doubtlessly the above talked about flavours are peculiar yet it will probably be far better in case you examine it earlier than finalizing the one particular.

Even when you arent able to acquire consensus regarding any one particular sort then to be able to be around the safer facet you may possess the two flavored cake. A single with the favored a person for your guests while the uncommon one as a wedding centerpiece adopted by cutting it at the very first marriage ceremony anniversary. What say?"

OK L.A.B. usual, I'm always interested in hearing your take on styles and trends. If you get a free sec.....tell me about the cake you served on your wedding day.

I hope it wasn't the Nutella....LOL



  1. Replies
    1. you know from experience Winker? Or maybe it's just a fantasy?

  2. We had a very small and not very traditional wedding, fourteen years ago this spring, celebrating our twenty-five years together. IIRC the groom's cake was a carrot cake, raisins and toasted walnuts and pecans, with cream cheese frosting; and the wedding cake was an orange bundt cake with an orange glaze and sugared orange and lemon peel. And I used tangerines instead of oranges.

    1. Leave it to you htom to not only have a grooms cake.....but did you bake these as well?

    2. Yes. It was a tiny distraction from our self-appointed wedding organizer's attempts to "grow" our wedding into a "proper size", ten into five hundred. She got it to twenty-four in the ten days she had, and we still all had a great time.