Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's - Bleeding Bread and Holocausts

Tonight's the night......Valentine's, and of all the romantic holidays (New Year's Eve, Wedding Anniversary and this Cupid Day)this may be my favorite.

Over the course of a year, I'll give Sue McGleno dozens of reasons to hate me, but so much of that can be rectified over the course of this one evening.

Another reason Valentine's is such a great holiday is because religous standards cannot be applied to it.

Love is a universal theme that can be shared on any part of the planet.

Being that I come from Catholic roots, and Sue McGleno grew up Jewish. It has always made certain holidays kinda weird for me.

Sure, Sue McGleno has befriended the Polish Christ, but with that said....you are what you are.

Zebra's look stupid with spots....its an unwritten rule od nature.

Sometimes when you tell people of your own faith, that you don't agree with their doctrine, they will shun you, or at best....remove you from their "fast lane", but none the less, my wife was molded in many ways by a group of people that followed customs that I am ignorant to.

With that said, Sue McGleno is proud of her Jewish hertitage, and because this makes her proud....I am in the Hebrew nations debt.

Often times when we think about the persecution of the Jews, we think back to the Holocaust during the 2nd World War, but if you study food, or more specifically bread, you know that the Jews have been under heavy persecution long before that.

During the Middle Ages countless Jews were annilhated by the Christians for corrupting their Holy Eucharist.

These "Holy" wafers were often times made with grains that still contained bran that hadn't been stripped of its germ.

As these wafers sat in piles (often times in dank conditions) the grain became rancid.

When that happened, a red gelatinous goo would ooze forth. Being that the Christians held true that this bread product was the Christ incarnate, it was just kinda supposed that the red goo was blood.

Somebody had to be stabbing the eucharist, some evil force was doing blasphemous deeds to the holy host......well you know what they say...

"A protagonist is only as good as their antagonist makes them."

And for years nobody had filled the role of "Bad Guy" quite like the Jews.

As a free thinking God Squad guy, I gotta tell ya that the thing that scares the Bejesus out of me is when mysticism is placed a mile ahead of science.

Before long, there was a psycologic epidemic that seized the world.

In 1253, there was a town called Beelitz (just outside of Berlin) where the entire Jewish community was burned alive. This happened again, for pretty much the same reason in Paris around 1290.

Why? Because some bread became rancid.

Eight years later.....genocide occured once again Korneuburg (a suburb of Vienna)for the identical reason.

Burnings, burnings, burnings one after another. The atrocities that the 3rd Reich employeed were nothing new....


All these cities were sites where unthinkable torture took place.

Because of our recent history, often times its just the Germans who have been viewed as having contempt for the Jews, but even my own Pollack Nation contributed to a list of horrific acts that I'm to ashamed to list.

When terror came to Warsaw, the Polish Sovereign - Casmir said that there was no such thing as a "Bleeding Wafer" but his clergy and people screamed out......

"Torture and the Stake!"

Have you ever been around politicians?

If so, you shouldn't be too suprised that Casmir did his best Pontious Pilate impression while the Pollacks soiled their cobblestones with blood as well.

Food never changes my friends -

Religion never changes either, and why is that?

Because people never change.

Often times we move forward a step, but then 9 out of 10 times this is followed by moving 2 steps backwards.

So maybe that's why its a good idea, if only one night a year....that you understand that not only is the world flawed, but maybe you are too.

And if you have been blessed enough to have a companion that has stood by your side, and declared their love for you publically.......

I think that may be a the greatest reason of all to celebrate.

My name is Danny Klecko....and I love a Jew.

Have a great night my little Valentines.


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