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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby and the Bull

If you work, or even attend the entire Minnesota State Fair, the last day is kinda surreal.

One part of you embraces your upcoming release, by this've pretty much let yourself become severed from the outside world.

The energy, the voices, the raw stimulation that by this point will conquer your body, even these componants have there limits.

On the last day of the Fair, you just want to finish up and get the he** out of Dodge.

Several years ago, on the last day, I walked over towards the livestock barns because this was close to the Global Market fruit stand that was selling Colorado peaches that were the size of your head.

I bought one of them and in silence, I jawed that delight down to the pit.

I mean I had juice all over my chef coat, no napkins, no water....and I didn't even care.

It was the last day of the Fair.

So now a couple hundred yards off yonder (to a place that I can't witness because it was obstructed by trees and a Pronto Pup stand) a commotion broke out.

Some cowboy was walking his first place bull towards his trailer to take him home, when somehow this big ole bull gets away amidst the crowd.

You could hear shrieking at first, but then everything went awkward quiet.

The cowboy instructed the crowd that noise would enrage this ton beast?

And this is Minnesota, people get it, they followed the instructions, and from what I'm told....

Everybody stood still while the dude tried to approach his award winner in stealth.

Just when he closed the gap however, the bull turned 180 degrees and set it's eyes on a baby carriage that was occupied by some infant that was experiencing their first State Fair.

So now the bull lowers it's head, and starts to drag its hoof as if it's digging in to take a full fledged charge.

Peoples hearts dropped.

For the splitest of split seconds, the entire Earth stood still.

Then the strangest thing happened, just at the very moment the bull was about to charge, I don't know if it was the Saints of Warsaw or what, but that big lug spun abruptly once more, centered it's eyes on a fire hydrant, lowered his head and charged.

The bull moved with the speed and ferociousness of a runaway locomotive.

Then "WHAM", the upper forehead between the horns hit the fire plug and.....

One - One Thousand
Two - One Thousand

The bull toppled over like a bag of bricks and fell dead.

Within seconds the Troopers and medical team were there, but of course....not before the media jackels.

One reporter chick approached the cowboy (who you can imagine was still stunned from the event) and asked a question like......

"Are you upset that your blue ribbon stud-bull died, won't you lose a fortune in breeding?"

Then the cowboy just kinda looked at her.

I think he was disgusted with her, but not as much as himself.

He replied.........

"If a bull has to die to keep a baby alive, I think that's a trade off most people make. Don't you?"

They shut the camera off and Klecko returned to work.

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