Saturday, September 22, 2012

Old Soup Recipes in the New World

We've already established that the Last American Baker has a son that is going to college amidst a cornfield in one of America's more forgettable states.

I stopped by there recently to pick him up so we could conduct some buisness.

The drive from my front door to his is about 2 1/2 hours, and as I made this drive, I did so with a tired mind.

Whenever summer blends into can a guy not feel a little tired?

In addition to watching your enviroment wilt to gear up for the up coming tundra, there are other components that let a guy know it's time to reinvest and take stock for chapter next.

I made this trip on a Thursday which coincidentlly lined up with the Minnesota Twins day game.

Typically the squad does this once a week, all the other games are played underneath the lights, but when a brother has hours a carting across Amish Country......such distractions are welcome.

My home town team has had a rough summer, so as the game starts, many of the standard roster slots have been replaced by new talent.

Sometimes if you want to win, you just have to sacrifice the present for the future.

Anyways.....I pick up the kid, the kid hops in, and unlike most times he decides to actually stay awake and talk with his old man.

Rumor has it that he may be skipping next semester so he can study abroad this upcoming summer in Russia.

His schools semesters overlap with those in Russia, so if you are going to study in the former Soviet Union....some sacrifices must be made.

Tydus begins to explain how he'll need to get a passport and then discuss with his professor as to what location he should study at.

I can tell he has his mind kinda made up, he's leaning towards Saint Petersburg, but I chimed in that I would study in Moscow.

I guess that might be a lie, If I were young, I would go to Moscow, drink vodka by the bucket....and share my time with the many women this city has to offer, studying would become an option low on my priority chart.

Say what you want...but the Angels of Heaven are going to agree with me.

There are no women that can compete in beauty with the women of Moscow.

End of discussion.

However....Tydus is a bit more prudent.

He claims that all of Russia is filled with knock out women, but Saint Petersburg is the only city in Russia that has maintained most of its celebrated architecture.

All the other major cities were bombed out during WW2.

From what the kid tells me, by making this academic addition to contributing to his major in education, he should come close to picking up a minor in Russian studies.

So then we become silent.

The two of us just sit quiet, driving through what could have easily been considered just another one of lifes segue moments, but then I began to drift into the future.

How many times?

How many times I heard men...and women lament over not taking the time to learn their parents signiture recipes?

How many times??????

About a billion.

And whose fault is this?

Well I can only speak from experience, but I am going to place 99% of the fault on the parents.

Young people are young.

Their desires are different than the aged.

When I was my sons age....I wanted girls, booze and merriment.

I think my son is a bit like me.

But life happens, tragedy crashes unannounced.

It has become apparent to me that I am going to have to force my son to spend 4 hours of his life in the kitchen with me to learn how to make borscht.

Not for me, and maybe just a little for him.....but there will be a day when he will want to root a signature recipe into the life of his family.....if he chooses to have one.

But even if not, friends, lovers and colleagues can best carry away an essense of us by the food we best know how to prepare for them.

So maybe during the Thanksgiving, or Christmas break for sure....if I can stay alive that long, I'll chain the kid to the kitchen table and walk him through the family recipe.

Now I look over and surprise.....the doofus is passed out. Jaw slack - mouth opened and my mind starts to scramble as to what I can use for a bib so my lout son won't drool on the Breadmobile...LOL

Then, like all fathers do, fathers that have made this identical trip.....

I combatted the road with daydreams.

I begin to think of my favorite soup recipes and pair them with my favorite breads.

The follow are just some of my selections, and if you are feeling daring yourself....why not let the othe L.A.B. Rats know what yours are?

Borscht - Black Bread

French Onion - Carway Sourdough

Chili - Parker House Rolls

Minestrone - Basil Foccacia

Chicken Noodle - Ciabatta

Wild Rice -  Kalamatta Honey Wheat

Potato Soup - Pretzel Bread


  1. My late mother-in-law never shared her famous cherry pie recipe (she liked the idea that her sons would compare their wives pies unfavorably with hers).
    But I am glad that I asked my grandmother for some of her (and my) favorite recipes (red herring salad, cucumber stew, Lima beans with bacon and tomatoes, pancakes, meatloaf and meatballs.
    And just today my daughter, the chef, told me she made a duck breast with sour cherry sauce - based on my recipe!
    Did your son now learn how to make a borscht?

    1. Not yet hanseata, but it will be a must during Thanksgiving...btw, I LOVE your late Mother in Law, and how she thinks. Thinks for sharing.

  2. She was a feisty one, originally from Venice, Italy, and very much in control of everything....