Sunday, October 14, 2012

3 Dogs, 1 Hug

For those of you who enter this Blog for baking, you can check out right now and return to my next post, where I'm sure I will dazzle you will my culinary charm.

For those of you who enter to witness the sensitivity confusion of a Pollack....stay tuned.

As many of you know, for over a decade I have lived with a pack of 4 dogs.

Several days ago I had to put down my pack alpha.

Truth be told, I don't want to discuss that, I prefer grieving in private.

But Sue McGleno and I have been drifting along for the last few days.

This morning, I was coming up from the basement, my eyes were level with Romeo (Sue McGleno's mutt of choice) and I noticed his left eye was swollen and kinda drippy.

So back in the bread mobile, and back to the vet.

It's Sunday, and many vet's are closed, so a bunch of people were sitting in the waiting room of my neighborhood Banfield.

I went alone, so Romeo and I sat quietly.

There was all kinds of peeps........

The good looking chick who looked like Paula Abdul, she had her Coon Hound in a muzzle.

An older woman with a Carin Terrier (like Toto)

2 girls who raided a strippers closets stilted in on boots with 6 inch heals (chihuahua of course).

A young couple with a Jack Russell that had pointy bat ears.

3 people, 1 dude, 2 women, all of these people were pretty large, and both the women were wearing pajama bottoms, but dude had jeans. The jeans didn't fit though, and as he bent down onto the floor to cover a old-sick looking cat with his shirt, the guy's pants slipped down and he had plumbers crack.

Nobody cared though, because these people were in pain.

From the conversation the 3 people shared, you can make a pretty safe bet, that if they were riding a bus....passengers would sit next to me before them, and that almost never happens.

This trio was just flat out bizarre, but for whatever reason, and due to circumstance, they were exempt from silent ridicule or judgement because all of us were tossed into a Yahtzee cup of sadness.

My little Romeo just laid in my arms, head slumped back, belly up, body if he were the Christ dog and I was carrying his body after being removed from the cross.

I was somewhat certain that his ailment was treatable, but just days prior, I thought my dog Peanut had a twisted knee....but I couldn't of been more wrong.

So Klecko sits in confidence.....

Klecko sits in fear......

Now a exam room door opens, a man 30ish walks out with a woman 55-60ish.

They go to the payment counter, the guy and woman have tears.

Dude is trying with all of his might to hold back from crying in public, I don't care if he does, but I wouldn't want him to cuz I hate that too.

Now the 55-60ish woman tells counter lady how she was watching this 30ish guys (her son) dog and it got into some poison.

The dogs life was in the balance, the 2 of them ended up leaving together.

Both of them were silent....

Both of them had tears streaming down their cheeks......

Me and Romeo sat in silence and rocked back and forth.

An hour goes by, and counter lady calls me up......

"Sir, we are behind, can you come back in 2 1/2 hours?"

I felt like screaming, slugging......but I just tabled my frustration, slid into the breadmobile and lurked away.

Tick-Tock goes the clock, 2 1/2 hours pass.....I head in.

Sue McGleno is with us now, and while she talks to the counter woman....I have Romeo in my arms and then I see the 60ish year old woman who poisoned her son's dog walk out of the exam room.

The 30 year kid isn't is by herself.

Now she walks over to the bench and sits appeared that she may not of had the faculties to stand....and nobody says a word.

I began to wonder why the room of us (there's like 7 or 8 people there, plus staff) didn't respond to this woman's pain......maybe because we were hurting as well.

But as I rocked back and forth, back and forth.....I watched how the Vet's Tech came out and explained what medicines should be served to the 60ish year old woman's dog who was also present at the poisoning.

The woman was numb.

So now I'm watching this this, and I don't know if it was the Saints of Warsaw.....but I felt compelled to take away her pain. I felt compelled to hug her.

But there was simply no way in he** I was gonna do it.

A guy who looks like me, walking over and issuing an unsolicited hug.......I could actually get in trouble.

So I watched a little longer....the lady began to melt, and against all better judgement, I walked over and embraced the woman, looked her in the eyes and said...........

"It's gonna be OK, sometimes the Universe just spins out of control, but I'm here to tell you....It is going to be OK."

She didn't answer back.She didn't respond with a heart felt line to let me know that my encouragement had healed her......but she did smile, she smiled big.

Looking back, I think it's good I hugged her, I think if circumstance warranted... I would do it again.

Saint's of Warsaw......tonight is a turning point for that woman's dog, I heard the chances were pretty much 50%. I don't know how stuff like this works, but I'm just saying.....could you do a baker a solid?

L.A.B. Rats......if you are peeps of faith.......thanks


Romeo had a cranial abrasion / scratched retina and needs to take 2 ointments 3 times a day, and one ointment once a day, then Klecko will have to return next Sunday


  1. We had to put our springer spaniel, Millie, down a few months ago. It was hard and it still is pretty tough sometimes with her not around, especially with the holidays coming up. I bawled like a baby when I was holding her when she took her last breath. It is OK for guys to cry. Heck, I am such a sap that I even cried when Forrest Gump burried Jenny, and when Old Yeller has to be put down, and don't EVEN get me started on the ending of My Dog Skip!

    1. Did you cry when Elliot thought ET was dead....just saying.

  2. oh peanut!!! this has been a terrible year for dogs. boscoe started a very bad trend. i am so sorry. goddamn dogs.

    1. Laurie.....I couldn't have said it any better.