Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frog & Fish

As of late, Klecko has been out on sales calls.

I think we've talked about this recently, no?

To do a sales call, 2 things need to take place......

#1 - you need to have a special kinda moxy, after all, it is quite nervy to walk into somebody else's personal space, knowing that they already know...you are about to preach your own brand of salvation on them.

#2 - you need to bring gifts. Warhol always said that if you left trinkets with people, they would always remember you. I bring bread.

Within the last 10 days I've made some wide sweeping rounds, and in that time, I've made one observation.

Not an observation that will make me any money, nor an observation that is spectacular enough to get you to share it with your friends or loved ones.

Just an observation.

Early last week I stopped at a place along the Mississippi River that specializes in Prime Rib. The purchasing guy wanted to see some 4 inch ciabatta squares.

When I showed up and tossed him the samples, dudes eyes lit up......

"I have to show these to my chef, he'll really like these, and who knows, they might work out well with his catering gigs. Frog....where are you? Has anybody seen Frog?"

Was I hearing this right?

Was I really waiting to meet "Frog"?

Remember, this question is being asked by a guy (Klecko) who wears a fake moniker that resembles a clowns Sir name.

Then earlier this week, I stopped by one of Capitol Cities classic steak houses and spoke with a chef who went by the name "Fish."

Apart from each other, these stories are mildy amusing, however....tied together, well let's just say Klecko might be wondering what divine intervention lies in store.

Lets face the facts.....you just don't get a Frog and a Fish placed in front of you, and then thats-that.

Sometimes the Cosmo's has its own way of saying.......

"Wake up Plop A**, something important is about to take place.


So then I stumble back into the plant after pimpimg an entire shift while the wind chill was 30 below zero (F).

On my desk is an envelope with an impressive crest in the return address spot.

The crest represented a private school that brought a number of it's high school students on a tour several weeks back.

The teachers were glorious, and their 15 or 16 students cracked me up. It is always a pleasure to spend a 1/2 to an hour talking with young adults.

The one thing I got out of this interaction, the one thing I really wanted to tell you guys, i forgot about it....sorry, but who knows, maybe I simply blocked it out.

At one point in the tour, I asked the young adults a question.

"Tonight is the last night you are going to spend on planet Earth, so what restaurant would you want to eat at?"

First off, none of them fought me on the question.

Nobody said that they wanted to stay home and cook.

Instead the students rifled off the choices one after another........

Arbys -

Domino's Pizza -

McDonald's for a McRib -

Subway -

So Klecko interrupts thinking maybe they didn't get the full message..................

"Guys, it can be ANY restaurant, French-Italian-Japanese....whatever!"

Jimmy John's -

Pizza Hut -

Taco Bell -

Every single kid made it a point to not repeat somebody elses selection, but every single one of them made certain to stay within the fast food vibe.

Shoot....I almost felt relieved when the girl who asked all the smart questions said she likes nicer restaurants. Restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings.

The jaws of the teachers hit the ground.

Was this verbal questioner indicative of the majority of Americans youth?

I'm not sure, but it did trip me out a bit.

Keep on rocking the free world - your friend


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