Monday, February 25, 2013

Restaurant Gargoyles

So there I am, It's a weekend evening, and I am off the beaten path, on a romantic date with Sue McGleno.

We go to place she has selected.

We go to a place where she not only loves the dessert, but the joint also has high end specialty entrees at a reasonable price point.

One of the reasons we....she likes this place is often times it is only dusted with enough customers to fill the corner tables of a vast space.

You don't get thrust into others conversations.....

The kitchen is far removed from the front of the house.....

For a mere 30 some bucks, 2 people can be left to themselves.

So there we are, walking in, selecting a table in the center.......

Now the owner walks over, describes the specials, and after we give him are orders, dude slides behind a curtain to hand our requests to the cooks.

1 minute passes, 2 minutes pass, my betrothed and I hold hands and become smitten with a mood that is starting to cop an amorous vibe.

3 minutes, now 4......I am beginning to think I have set a tone that may eliminate a weeks worth of buffoonery.

"So what's new with you two/" a voice practically shout's in my ear.......

Klecko now turns his head 90 degree's only to find that the proprietor is standing over his shoulder like one of the little devils in cartoons......

But this devil wasn't leading me into sin.......he was interrupting a night I was hoping would be laden with it, if you know what I mean.

The guy's a nice guy though.

I like him, so I responded a little bit, but after 10 minutes passed, things became more than awkward.

Usually I have no trouble at all telling a brother to step back, but there wasn't a single customer in the place other than the Jewish Supermodel and me.

So now I start praying...."Holy Christ, please throw a handful of customers in here. Dude is cramping my ministry and I end up be a jerk so often, I'd really like to avoid it tonight....."

Tick-Tock went the clock, and the front door remained closed.

"Blah-Blah-Blah." spoke the lonely man with good intentions.......

"Blah-Blah-Blah" ranted a guy who I normally liked.

"Maybe he should hire an extra dish washer to talk to." suggested Sue McGleno.

On the exterior I laughed, but on the interior.....

Klecko wept.

Love had been suffocated.

If I remember right, we spent 75 minutes there, and our uninvited guest easily spent 65 of those minutes hovering over our table.

Even though I like the guy, a pro should know the difference huh?

My wife, who isn't quite as forgiving suggested that the guys reluctance to vamoose wasn't predicated by loneliness, she thinks it's a result of desperation.......

Like maybe the guy was going through some kind of personal or business trouble.

Either way, I do value customer service, but this doesn't mean that......if i am with a date, I want any of you to spend it with us unannounced.

Has anything like this happened to you L.A.B. Rats?

Klecko is dying to know.


  1. Like sitting in an airplane to Europe and having a chatty neighbor of the wrong politic persuasion. You only want to be left in piece, read your book - and not suppress those cutting remarks that are on the tip of your tongue... (though there is surely nothing romantic about a transatlantic flight!)

  2. Amen hanseata, I sat next to that person, but my wife and I were not going abroad...we were going to Vegas, and our "3rd party" friend didn't want to talk about politics, he wanted to talk about "securing women"......I didn't hold my tongue, I kinda thrashed the guy, so much in fact....I wondered if my wife would be upset. Later when I asked...she just smiled and said I was her hero LOL.