Saturday, March 2, 2013

What Grandma Fed Grandpa

Last night I laid in bed knowing if I fell asleep at that exact moment, I was going to get 3 hours and 10 minutes of sleep before I had to be back at work for our Scandinavian Bake Sale.


So after waiting 10 more minutes, I think the angels whispered in my ear that I was screwed, so I just got up instead.

It's like 1 O'Clock a.m.ish, Klecko has nothing much to do.........So I ended up digging through old baking formulas.

I think it is kinda funny how we imagine our Grandparents in the kitchen.

We envision them cooking and baking high end items with healthy ingredients.

Items w/o preservatives.....

But then every once in awhile you run into a recipe/formula that makes you furl your brow.......

Recipes like.................PEANUT BUTTER FILLING?

Peanut Butter Filling
Job Sheet 140
Dunwoody Industrial Instatute

7# 8 oz brown sugar
4# 8 oz shortening
     1 1/2 oz salt
6# peanut butter
2# 4 oz eggs
6# cake crumbs
4 1/2# - 6# water

Cream brown sugar-shortening, salt and peanut butter. Add eggs. Add cake crumbs and water. Sufficient water must be added to spread to a spreading consistency. wonder grampa was kinda pudgy, and kinda cranky.

I'm off to the bake sale kids.


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