Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bread Mutiny / Seaweed Loaves (contains recipe)

It's already been established.....

When Klecko competes for the Senior Mr. Universe competition....and the emcee asks Klecko...

"If you had to live in a different period, future or past.....which would it be?"

The Last American Baker wouldn't even wince....

"I'd be a salt dog sailor. I'd sail the sea's on a Yankee Clipper."

Funny....the only 2 things I have pictured myself doing other than baking have been sailing and being a priest.

the only downside to my 2 other dream vocations is they don't encourage "close time" to women, and that would be awful.

Anyways, lets get back to the 7 Seas of Rye...so to speak.

Often times Klecko has infused ingredients from the "Orient"...so to speak in his bread and peeps from both the east and west seem to be intrigued.

We've baked with squid ink.....

We've baked with miso paste.......

We've baked with plum wine........

We've made nori loaves baking with sushi rice.........

Several years, many years ago while passing through Vegas for a bread show I picked up a couple of stellar books. One of which was.............



R. Bilhuex, A. Escoffier, D. Herve, and J.M. Pouradier


50 grams of nori (seaweed)
5 pound 5 oz of AP Flour
2 pounds 3 oz starter
1 oz salt
1 oz yeast

Soak the nori in 3 liters (101 fluid oz's) for 10 minutes, then simmer for 15 minutes over moderate heat.

Cool the mixture, drain the nori and place it on a dry towel, and save the infused water.

Pull out 1.4 liter (47.5 fluid ounces) of nori water and moisten your dough.

In closing, whenever I make this version....I pop in a little wasabi powder....but you kids do what you like.

Ahoy Mates.....


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