Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wanna Know A Secret?????

As those of you, I mean most of you.....ranging from those I those who actually annoy me, but I talk to anyways, just because I get bored of be alone..................

The Last American Baker has a new Grandson.

So as you can imagine, I haven't put much thought into "you guys" these last couple of days.

But....but......but, there really isn't anything worst than some lame-a** blogger that makes excuses for why they are not doing their job.

I get guys.... don't come to Klecko for world peace.......

You don't come to him for compassion -

And you better not come to him for money.

There are pretty much only 4 topics Klecko can really speak about with limited confidence....

Dogs -

Baseball -

Girls -

And baking......

I've noticed that this site has been getting flooded by viewership from Latvia as of late, and even though I don't know what to attribute that to, I'm guessing it's time to man up and give you guys a relevant post.

As I digress, I'm going to use this moment to do what the big corporations do and outsource high end talent.

Earlier this morning I read an on-line version of Modern Baking.

If you have never heard about these kids.......verily-verily, I say unto you, have ye not eyes to see?

I'm telling ya kiddo, Modern Baking is the #1 periodical concerning baking on the planet.

If you have eyes to see and ears to'll check this "ministry" out.

With that said let me introduce you to the brilliant mind of my friend Katie Martin.

Katie is basically the QB for this publication, and being that they office out of the Windy City....I still remain friends with her even though she is a Bears fan.

Alright kids, buckle up your seat belts and prepare for greatness in 3-2-1

Do you know your customer?

That customers are the driving force of business is a fact, but who your particular customers are and how to attract them to your business is not as cut and dried. According to Nielsen Perishables Group (all data in the article is supplied by Nielsen Perishables Group), 94 percent of U.S. households buy from the in-store bakery.
It comes as little surprise that essentially the entire population is a potential bakery customer or that the customer base is made up of singles, couples and families. And they are looking for everything from value products to premium products to fit lifestyles that range from those that are on-the-go to foodies to healthy living.

“Know who you’re after as customers,” suggests Jonna Parker, director of account services, Nielsen Perishables Group. “If you’re after multiple types of customers, be sure to use different types of products.”
While the data gathered was specific to in-store bakeries, retail bakers also should understand what shoppers are looking for since all bakery segments are competing for the same consumer dollars.

When do consumers shop?
Consumers, on average, make 13 trips to the in-store bakery in a year and spend about $59 annually. This number is relatively low when you take into account that consumers visit supermarkets 46 times a year on average. So bakery is only drawing customers about a quarter of the times they shop the store.
Somewhat surprisingly, they are doing the bulk of their shopping during the week, with 65 percent of bakery sales occurring Monday through Friday, and one-third of total bakery sales take place after 5 p.m. Knowing when your customers shop can help in-store bakeries figure out staffing needs and retail bakeries determine the best hours to be open.

Two demographic segments–premium, healthy living couples and on-the-go quick cooking families–account for 20 percent of total sales. The healthy living couples are generally purchasing crusty or artisan bread, bagels, smaller cakes and specialty cookies. This group is particularly engaged with food. The quick cooking families often are shopping for celebrations as well as small packages for daily treats. Products that appeal to them are cupcakes, decorated cakes, iced cookies and donuts. Both demographic groups are shopping for muffins, pies and sweet goods.
But another 80 percent of the population is made up of other demographic groups, and they may be looking for other types of products. “There are a lot of different consumers that drive bakery sales,” Parker says. “There isn’t one magic bullet. In-store bakeries should be thinking about all sorts of households.”

--- the end ---

Alright, I hope that holds you over, I gotta get back to looking a grandson pics on Facebook.

Isn't it kinda creepy how babies start off looking like martians?

I'm O-U-T................

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