Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Big Bird, Baking and is Klecko off to Hollywood? (Conclusion)

DAY 2 / HOURS 25-50

So this day is a Saturday, pretty much the only weekend day off I'll have in a long time. Sue McGleno had committed to dropping our granddaughter off at a 1/2 way point between our home and Omaha -

in a parking lot -

at a McDonald's -

somewhere, deep in the bowels of Iowa.

But funny......Sue McGleno has got strep throat, and you know what that means...

Grandpa K gets to chauffeur his little M-Rose across America.

Klecko looks to the heavens -

The suns breaking through the clouds, just like it does in religious post cards, and there's yours truly...

trapped in a Toyota.

When we pulled out of Dodge, my little monkey had a bag of toys, and before we left, her sick grandmother warned her....

"Be careful and don't drop them, Grandpa won't pull over to pick them up.

In the rear view mirror I saw how much M-Rose looked like her mother all those years ago, and then I kinda became overwhelmed, and thankful that this kid was trapped with me.

I was going to get 4 hours of uninterrupted time.

Most of this period was filled with singing.

At first we started with Christmas carols, but then we shifted over into 2 other themes.

#1 - We did free fly - improvising songs about cats pooping on the bed. This easily killed 90 minutes.

#2 - Then we finished up with Jesus songs.

If I've learned one thing in life, often times...in the moment, we seem to think we'll most value the moments that appear to offer us the most personal opportunity.

But now that I'm old, and after I run down this bizarre 100 hour sequence, I can tell ya w/o even flinching.

That 4 hour ride might have been the highlight of my year.

DAY 3 / HOURS 51-75

Sue McGleno is still messed up and I kinda feel bad, because I am committed to this TPT baking expo / fund raiser down at the TV station.

So I glided out the door broken hearted.....

But......the event was really a blast.

It was set up with the same type of swag you'd see at the Oscar's.

When the gig was over, I was enthralled at how many of the audience members were complete baking geeks.

I talked with employees of General Mills, Gold Medal Flour, lunch ladies from within the Twin Cities school systems.

The event capped off this quirky-unusual weekend.

That night as I waited to pass out on the couch, I thought how lucky I was to have a platform that allowed me to discuss the things I love the most.

DAY 4 / HOURS 75-100

So........about 5 years ago, I was on a book tour, where my path kept connecting with this woman who was pimping some paranormal book. The girlio's name is Annie Wilder, and this chick is easily one of the top GHOST COMMUNICATORS on planet Earth.

Anyways, I kinda got crushed on her vibe since our initial meeting, and the 2 of us have remained in contact.

Recently she sent me some info, info that talked about some media jackals that put together reality shows for some of the biggest networks on television.

"Klecko, you should just send them your info." the ghost whisperer tells me.

So I did, and then bang, on Monday morning when I checked my e-mails.......

Dude from Hollywood says he is "INTRUIGUED" by Klecko and would like to hear more.

I was sure this had to be some lamo catfishing me, but then I looked at the address.......

Daddy-O was contacting me from Sunset Blvd........

Klecko stops -

Klecko sits -

Klecko thinks-

Prays, then gets a big wise a** grin -

I guess maybe I'll call.

The odds of striking it big in Hollywood are what.....like 1 in a billion?

But I am willing to bet that each person who has ever got a sit down has thought the same thing.....

"When I make it big I'll".....................................

How can you not?

Why is flesh so vulnerable to potential accolades?

Nobody wants attention more than Klecko, and you know that's true......but at what cost right?

After a brief moment of thought I asked the question that frightens me every time it crosses my mind.....


Anyways, I talked to the guy, and our conversation surpassed pleasant. I was either under a microscope, or possibly in a London tea house with a swell gent.

Little naïve Klecko -

Little Klecko the rube actually liked this guy.

Here is the closing comment that what tossed my way.......

"OK Klecko, I would like to move forward with you. I would like to have a SKYPE interview with you and my entire team. Let's do it Wednesday......and when we do, you are going to be asked, what show would YOU like to do?"

Klecko Nation -

It's a long shot,

But so was Daniel escaping a night in a den of starving lions right?

As the clock keeps ticking, I realize my interview has the ability to shift gears not only in my life, but the life of others.

Realizing this, I am going to cling to the advise that my Spiritual Guru and writing mentor Mike Finley has beat me over the head with for years.

"Throw fire balls Klecko, one after another, you are good at that, but when you create anything, don't honor yourself, point the camera at others and make sure that you walk away leaving joy in their hearts."

So there you have it,

 I have specifics that I will drag into the arena tomorrow, and if I stay true to my mentors advice........how can I lose

Mike Finley has reminded me time after time.........

Value happiness over success.