Sunday, March 6, 2011

George Clooney-American Euro's and Failing Restraunts

So I'm standing in the check out line at Korte's grocery store. The check out chicks are usually made up of high school Catholic girls that need extra tuition for their private education.

More often than not these girlio's will talk amongst themselves, so Klecko just shifts his focus to that impulse item rack. I have never-ever-ever bought an impulse item, but instead...I like to figure out which items Sue McGleno would touch, and which items she would buy.

OK ladies, I am sure I'll end my political career by stating this fact but, why is it...seriously, why do woman have to touch 21 items for every item they purchase. The ratio is staggering.

But I regress, I am looking at the impulse item rack and "BANG" there he is on the cover of NEWSWEEK, George Clooney.

The caption mentions that America's Prez has him over in Africa to do who knows what. To be honest, at that moment, I don't really care. I'm just marveling at how Euro Clooney is looking.

Could it have been the angle that he was standing at? Dude's torso looked identical to an 18 year old Brit rythem guitar players. Now I'm not just saying "Clooney was skinny."

Beause there is a dif between skinny and Euro. Euro is "thin" but usually with some muscle tone, not like lean body types that you see that just look like they couldn't scrounge enough resources, but let's face it...even the poor are fat today.

The Global feeding system slides all those unhealthy calories their way, but addidtion to thin with muscle tone, my perception of that "Euro" body image I hold in my minds eye, is that they are always dressed with swag.

It is hard to make BIG people look fashionable.Fashion is an industry geared to those small in stature.Have you ever noticed how good Italians and Japanese people look in a Perry Ellis suit compared to a Pollock LOL?

So now check out girl is ringing up my Ribs, Menphis BBQ sauce and Diet A&W and I asked her if she thought Clooney was cool....she rolled her eyes and said " m-o-t-h-e-r loves him, why would I?"

I laughed all the way out to the bread truck, but as I fired up the engine I had to grin while thinking back to that movie Michael Clayton. Many would agree that it is one of Clooney's more touted works.

If you recall, in the film he was a "Fixer" or a "Janitor". These terms basically are saying he cleaned the messes for important rich people before their charactor or brand was destroyed.

The cops thought Michael Clayton was a Fed, and the Fed's thought he was a cop. The guy was the quientisential spook, the only shade thats darker than the goverments Black Ops is Private Industries Black Op's

With all that said, what was the one thing, the only thing that Michael Clayton couldn't wrap his mind around, what was his cryptonite?

He couldn't make a go out of his bar/restraunt LOL, isn't that the truth?

Every week Klecko talks to somebody who was a player in their industry other than Hospitality, and just because they want to get out, to slow down, to take it easy..... they assume the Food Show is the next logical scene.

I could rant about this all day, but instead I will repeat myself, Michael Clayton was the saviour to industry Black Op's, but he coudn't keep his restraunt open for even a year.

Hang in there, and hold your heads high Food Service workers....


  1. Because it's easier to "fix" having a dead girl in your bed than to fix a bad location, a bad chef, a bad reputation, or plain old bad management -- I could see Clooney as an inspiring leader, but not attentive to the small day to day things, like, are people in the dining room frowning.

  2. i like this. it made me smile.

  3. Mike & sometimes Rachel, exactly...we are talking the turtle and the hare here huh? Sometimes I think it is easier to deal with fleeting trauma instead of being chained to the machine.
    Marina Sophia....nothing makes me happier.

  4. I heard a minister say it was more fun to be apostolic than pastoral. The one, you're being set free from prison by earthquakes; the other, you are to your eyeballs in sheep shit.

  5. Well said "M" and sometimes "R"