Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Bakers Hate Mitt Romney

Los Angelos Times / Morgan Little

A Pennsylvania bakery teased by presidential candidate Mitt Romney for cookies that looked like “they came from the local 7-Eleven bakery” has turned a joke that fell flat into a marketing opportunity.

During a campaign event in Bethel Park, Pa., this week, Romney sat down with locals, took a look at the cookies they’d baked for him and offered a joking response.

“I’m not sure about these cookies. Did you make those cookies?” he asked the women around him. “You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.”

Romney was not serious. But some of the folks at Bethel Bakery, which baked the cookies, didn’t find Romney’s remarks humorous.

“We wanted him to be welcomed with the best in the burg, and he had no idea, this guy has no idea how beloved this institution is that provided these cookies,” Bethel Bakery owner John Walsh said in an interview with ABC affiliate WTAE-TV out of Pittsburgh.

“It seemed like maybe he should have tasted them first before making the assumption,” Julie Lytle, who handles marketing for Bethel Bakery, said.

But the bakery took Romney’s joke and ran with it, launching a “CookieGate” promotion that gives customers a free half-dozen cookies for each dozen they purchase.

“We’re just having fun with it,” Lytle told CNN.

Walsh got the last word on the matter, telling the Wall Street Journal, “Let him eat cake next time.”

The Democratic National Committee also is trying to exploit Romney’s comment, with mixed results. The DNC is trying to build Twitter momentum on the #cookiegate hashtag and is sending out its own memes on the topic. But so far the hashtag has prompted as many remarks detailing Obama’s dog eating in Indonesia as a child as it has jokes about Romney’s awkwardness on the campaign trail.


Klecko enters into the Blog Site now.........

Ya know what I like about this story?

It starts off with a high profile person, in this case Mitt Romney trying to relate to "Blue Collar" workers.

Mitt didn't walk into the room and think to himself......

"How can I be a complete A-Hole and piss these people off."

No, in fact he attempted to do the oppisite.

In some respect its a fun read because the buffoon in the story is running for President of the United States, but I must confess, this ignorant additude is far to common, not just with people in the upper castes of society, but all of us.

Let's face it, Mitt meant no harm, but when you start lobbing jokes like grenades,you damn well better know what (or who) the targets are that you are throwing at.

I know zilch about Mitt, but by reading this story, it is obvious that he has never cooked or baked, if he had...he would have known that somebody went through alot of effort to put "what he thought was a gas station cookie" in his hands.

Maybe that person who made this welcoming treat had to get a relative to watch a sick kid who had to stay home from school.

I could list 1000 things that hopefully would make Mitt feel grateful for the bounty he receaved, but most of you get this, so I won't insult you by being redundant.

But as you should know by now....Your favorite baker started off his career by working in a plant that serviced the Super America gas staions that canvas the entire Twin Cities.

However, Mitt's response isn't typical of "People of Privilege", trust me...speaking w/o thinking trasends all boundries.

There are people on the opposite side of the spectrum that will insult you with their "Hillbilly" comments as well.The rich and powerful don't have a stranglehold on being ungrateful.

Wasn't it cool how the staff from this bakery in "PA" at first took it personally, as any artisan should?

But after a little time passed, this staff chose not to let ignorance get them down. Instead they ran in the other direction.

(Are you ready for this??? LOL) Life gave them a lemon, and they made lemonade.

Food Servers Workers can be diva's, I'll give you that, but this story confirms a belief that has always dwelled in my heart.

Bakers are bullet proof!

You can't touch us!

*Don't forget, Klecko has a POETS ARE LAME (and other things Mike Finley has taught me) column on Blogger as well.


  1. Very good point about how prevalent that kind of carelessness and thoughtlessness is.
    Sadly, the "buffoon" is in a dangerously influential position to harm people's freedom to be Family...and is against protecting our air, land, and water from being poisoned. Glad the folks went with a special. Perhaps they could sell frozen "take-n-bake" dough and call it "Raw-mney" ?

  2. I feel sorry for Mitt. Everyone says dumb ass things all day long. We're embarrassed, but it's just us and a few people squirming uncomfortably. Whereas Mitt's dumb assity goes viral.

    I would say there is no way he should ascend to the presidency, but history suggests otherwise.

    1. Mitt, even when he puts his foot in his mouth will be a better POTUS than obummer. If OB gets re-elected, you bakers will be under contract to provide food for the FEMA camps that wil be put in full-on mode once he is sworn in again. He loves to bypass congress and do what he wants via Executive orders.God help us if he's reelected.

  3. I will not state this anonymously, as one of the repliers has. This comes from ex-baker Paul Creighton and goes out for all to see. Romney is the typical stuffed shirt hypocrite parading around as a regular geek. He reminds me of the character on MASH, Charles Emerson Winchester, without the true class and couched humility to back it up. It is a condemnation of politics in general and his party in particular that he may be in position to sit in the oval office. His opponent is no better, having sold out every artisan baker by backing GMO alfalfa and spreading genetic devastation to innocent organic farms. This country, in its present state, disgusts me.