Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bakery Drivers and Broken Crucifixes

During my lunch break, I pulled the following story off the AP.

The star of the story is a guy who is a route driver for a bakery.

Over the years I have known over a hundred route drivers.

Often times these guys are not book smart, but in almost every case......

These guys are street smart, and I would classify them as "Clever with Savvy".

These are the men and women I would like in the fox hole with me when Denmark invades my homeland.

Let me post the story, and then I will come back to part with some closing questions.

Story starting in 3-2-1

ALBANY, N.Y. — David Jimenez was so elated over his wife's recovery from cancer that he offered to clean the large crucifix outside the Hudson Valley church where he spent many hours praying for her to beat the disease. On Memorial Day 2010, he was scrubbing grime off the cross when the 600-pound marble statuary toppled over, crushing his right leg.
The then-43-year-old immigrant from Mexico was flown to Westchester Medical Center, where doctors had to amputate his injured leg. He's suing the Roman Catholic church where he was hurt, and early next year his $3 million lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial.
"He attributed her recovery to his devotion to the cross and Christ hearing his prayers," Jimenez's lawyer, Kevin Kitson of White Plains, told The Associated Press.
Kitson said he filed the lawsuit in March 2011 after the church denied it was liable for the accident that resulted in six-figure medical bills for Jimenez. The bills were paid by charitable foundations, Kitson said.
The lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial in state Supreme Court in Orange County in January, Kitson said.
The attorney described David and Delia Jimenez as devout Catholics who immigrated to the United States from Mexico nearly 20 years ago. They have three children, ages 3, 13 and 17, Kitson said.
During delivery jobs for a bakery and a pizzeria, David would pull into the parking lot at St. Patrick's Church in the city of Newburgh to pray before the outdoor crucifix for his wife, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008. When she was deemed cancer-free two years later, the grateful David received permission from church officials to remove trash from the area around the crucifix, and to clean the crucifix itself, Kitson said.
On May 30, 2010, Jimenez was standing on the crucifix's base, using rags and soapy water to clean Christ's face. While holding onto the cross beam for balance, the whole crucifix snapped off at its base, sending Jimenez crashing to the ground, Kitson said. Pieces of the crucifix broke off, but the bulk of it landed on Jimenez's right leg, crushing it.
Kitson said only a single screw was holding the heavy crucifix to its base.
"There was no anchoring system, just that one screw," he said.
The church raised more than $7,000 for Jimenez and his family, but Kitson said his client has been unable to work since the accident.
Frank Raia of Rikin Radler, the New York law firm representing the church, wouldn't discuss specifics of the case. The church is part of the Archdiocese of New York, which isn't named as a defendant in the lawsuit, Raia said.
"Although the archdiocese and St. Patrick's Church recognize and understand this was a terrible accident and they have empathy for Mr. Jimenez and his family, it's our position that of the diocese and St. Patrick's Church are not liable for the accident."
Kitson's law firm said Wednesday that David Jimenez isn't doing interviews with the media.

The End -

So what do you guys think?

One second dude was giving thanks to God. It was his belief that God healed his wife right?

Next he begged to give back to God.

I can see the church officials milling around saying......

"That gentleman with the bakery truck, yeah....the guy who collects the trash at the foot of the cross. now he wants to climb cross and scrub the face of our Lord."

Then the priests probably said that the guy was a loon and he should stay away before they pelted him with debri.

But then you know some Bing Crosby priest would surface and fight with vigor on behalf of the man whose prayer was answered.

This is how it always works, there are no exceptions.

With that said, dudes wife was cured.

Did he really trust that God healed his wife?

I dunno know, but I feel creepy as "H" that the dude is turning around and suing the "Hand of God" for 3 million.

What a vampire.

Does this mean that God will renig on the healing of the wife and toss lightening bolts at her?

I just don't understand the complexities of such a situation, but I do expect more from a bakery route driver.

Perception is a funny word.

I am guessing that an atheiest might view this different than a person of faith, maybe not.

And I guess I wouldn't be all that surprised if a Lutheran sued them (LOL, just kidding) but dear Saints of Warsaw.

Theres got to be some ramifications of a bakery route driver suing over something like this.

Or am I just insane?

The Last American Baker awaits your replies.


  1. You might be insane, but that has no bearing on this case. It sounds to me like he wants to have his cake and not have his leg amputated through shoddy workmanship. I mean who holds together a huge cross with just one screw? Maybe he should have left the cross encrusted with gunk or whatever was holding it together. Why wouldn't the church have paid up? But, 3 million seems excessive. Now, I think I might be insane.

    1. Insanity loves company Anonymous. Thanks for shouting out.

  2. The guy may have saved a life, or even a few, by breaking the poorly anchored statue. That statue was negligently anchored; which is ABSOLUTELY the church's responsibility; and could easily have fallen on a family or even a gaggle of little in a very real sense he may have lost a leg saving a life or three. Also...he isn't suing for money to go do lines of coke off of barely-legal working-girls' bellies at the Bunny Ranch....he has a Family he needs to provide for; and that is a need...not a want....which took a huge hit when he was hurt directly due to eclesiatical negligence while acting in good faith to clean away what was probably a very unsightly staining of a neglected icon.
    So yeah, if there's a vampire in the room, it's the larger Church...allowing a dangerous status quo to continue; and instead of helping heal the resultant injuries, hiding from their responsibility while being the wealthiest property holders on planet Earth. Sound familiar?
    Anyway, Yes. That is my feedback.

    1. Alright, Petroglyph comes out strong....dude saved others lives by taking the brunt of the mayhem...I simply wouldn't have looked at it that way. But I think your point is valid, well done. Theres a reason I surround myself with you guys.