Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Baking / Modern Baking

If I've said it once, I've said it one thousand times.

Danny Klecko is the best baker you'll ever meet........except for your grandmother. LOL

Truth be told, this shouldn't just be my mantra, but the mantra of every commercial baker that has flourished within their career.

I bring this up because tomorrow is my annual Christmas Retail Bake, and I gotta much as it is an honor to hand over (literally) tons of baked goods that will take place in my cities holiday festivities, a few problems can occur.

For instance, Yulekaga verses Stollen.

The former is Scandinavian and the latter is German, but if you ask me the Pollack.....they are pretty much the same thing, dough that houses diced apples, pears, golden raisins, Christmas spices, walnuts, zest and citron......did I mention that all of this is soaked in Whiskey?

In the past I've used Brandy, but all my ethnic customers lovingly blasted me because my recipes were close....but just not quite as good as their granny's.

When you sell holiday loaves, you have to figure you're blanketing a pretty diversified clientele, so one way you can pacify them is by making an off shoot version of a classic standard.

Hence the Irish Yulekaga.

Now for those of you who have never dined with God's favorite people...the Irish don't really have any holiday baking recipes that rank in the top 100, so I guess I took it on myself to take the old Stollen and Yulekaga recipes and swap out the brandy for Whiskey.

This will create a completely different palate, different enough that nobody will dare compare it to their own.

People love-love-love new product lines that are anchored in the old ways.

Ever since I've began spinning this Irish classic, I have always used Jameson Whiskey, however......

My heavenly Father sent little angel messengers in my dreams and told me to buck up and switch over to 2Gingers.

2Gingers is local to me, and the thing I find interesting is that it's ginger component takes that  "snake bite" edge off and adds more flavor.

2Gingers is really worth shopping for if you like to incorperate alchohol into your baked goods.

I also made savory Mince Meat coffee cake cakes (topped with Parmesan Cheese -
Rum Raisin Challah -
Cardamom Loaves  -
Eggnog Poppy Quickbread -
Maple Bacon / Bacon Maple Loaves

And Hennessy........she made enough stuff to fill the Baby Christ's Manger.

Anyways....tomorrow will be busy, and I will be out of circulation until Sunday, so to help you pass the time, let me show you my first shot of love I received from Modern Baking.

If your President Obama - you aspire to be on Time

Bono....he wants the cover of Rolling Stone.

But if your a bread baking pimp like Klecko, it has to be Modern Baking.

I have the cover from the edition this piece ran in and it is framed and hanging over my kitchen sink.

Have a good weekend L.A.B. Rat's, and if you're swinging through Capitol City tomorrow morning (Sat December 1st) we'll see you at 10 a.m.

Saint Agnes buns ice the deal

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