Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nuns, Pastry Chefs and Wedding Dresses

At the bakery, Hennessy hired a young woman to join her pastry team.

This young woman goes by the name Viper, and in so many ways she cracks me up because... her almost angelic appearance would denote anything other than being a "Bad Girl of Baking."

Viper loves a boy, and the 2 of them are planning on getting married next summer.

When I asked Viper about what dress she was going to wear....she said that she was going to budget a ridiculously low amount for wardrobe.

This made me sad.

Every woman deserve a million dollar wedding dress.

Every woman deserves to stun the entire world, even if for only those few moments when they stroll down the aisle.

I really don't know Viper all that well, and who am I to impose why warped standards on her?

But none the less....Klecko simply wants her to have a moment to remember.

So about a month ago, just following our Oktoberfest Retail, Viper was in my office with Massage Nun Sister Rosalind.

Sister Rosalind is in her mid 80's, and as you can imagine.....she's seen a few brides in her day, so I began a conversation with these 2 women about marriage and wedding dresses.

While this took place, I multi tasked and pulled an image off of Google of Princess Grace with a picture of Kate spliced next to it.

Kate wore a dress that was based off of Graces at the most recent royal wedding.

As the 3 of us peered into the monitor, I made mention that Kate's dress showed some additional cleavage and if I had it my way......she would have made a more prudent selection like Grace had.

Of course I said this with a smirk, and as Sister Rosalind embraced me, and the conservative ideologies I professed...Viper just rolled her eyes.

For the next few moments, the Nun preached the virtues of sewing in modesty panels to all woman's garments. Even the Sisters utilize these for Habits that have key-holes openings the size of a guitar pick.

"One wouldn't want to cause a priest to stumble by showing their boosems" we were told.

Eventually these 2 remarkable women left my office, and I went about my business.

Tick-Tock goes the clock, time passes and I began to wonder.......

"Who designed Princess Grace's wedding dress"?

Other than watching Project Runway, Klecko knows very little about women's fashion, but he has seen every Alfred Hitchcock film about dozens of times.

If you are one of "those" people who watch credits when films are over, chances are you've seen the name Edith Head.

Edith has won more fashion awards and dressed more stars than anybody in the history of Hollywood.

In fact, Grace Kelly didn't really hit it big time until she starred with Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window.

This was her 4th film.

High Noon, was her 3rd flick, and she was pretty "hot" in that picture, but truth be told....that was kinda a bit role.

Rear Window on the other hand was the work that put her over the top.

Leave it to Hitchcock to make the real protagonist of this film be a confident-diva from high society.

Edith Head was the one person who was fully responsible for transforming this actress (whose previous role had been a pacifist-religious zealot) into a high fashion, trend setting woman of power.

Some have suggested that this role Grace played opposite of Stewart was one of the primary components that made who ever that royal dude she married, fall in love for her.

I get it.

I am a guy.

Guys like extremes.

If I had to choose between a cocky-immaculate woman, or a Steppford wife, I too would take the former.


To my dismay, it was some woman I had never heard of, a woman from MGM studio's.

As I continued researching through info provided by the internet, I came to find out that MGM had gifted her the dress, and the woman who designed this work of art had recently done Elizabeth Taylor's bridal gown.

Hmmmm, but weren't Grace Kelly and Edith Head friends?

Well according to a quote I ran across, Edith said something like.........

"Of the thousands of people and animals I have dressed over the years, I have enjoyed working with Grace Kelly the most.....SHE IS MY FRIEND"!

So not I am sitting in my office, I'm sitting in perfect silence, and I begin to feel a little sick to my stomach.

I don't know any of the parties in this story, but I just sat there picturing Edith Head finding out about the plans for this Grace to marry. The woman she admired, the woman that she had a big part in developing....launching.

The woman she considered to be her favorite client, and friend.

I'm guessing Edith Head probably sat by the phone, assuming Grace would be calling to set up a meeting for measurements and design strategy.

I'm guessing that time passed, and Edith just figured that Grace was overwhelmed and either she, or a team member would be making contact that was overdue.

Then I'm guessing that either an industry friend, a blurb on the radio, or phone call from a colleague informed her......

"Grace Kelly had sold you out."

What would it mean to you if you were the top in your industry and you had won every award there was to win?

What would it mean to you if you had been blessed enough to meet pretty much every celebrity in Hollywood's bouquet of actors?

What would any of this mean.....the fat paychecks, social events, limos and champagne....if the one person who you loved most didn't select you for a moment in their life that would be remembered across the globe for 100 years.

I have heard the the dress was eventually shipped to some museum in Pennsylvania, or wherever Grace Kelly originates from, and on the 50th anniversary people circle navigated the globe to just stare at it. From all accounts, in several weeks more people came to view this dress, and it got more visual hits than anything else that had been displayed in that building for decades.

Through the use of Google I tried to find out if there ever was some kind of a show down where Edith and Grace discussed what happened.

All I could find was that Edith was "disappointed".

Disappointed, or crushed?

I wonder.

With that, I threw history back into the past, turned the light off in my office and hopped into the bread truck with a grin on my face.

The crew at our bakery might not be famous, but at least it is my hope that when Viper gets married, she will have piece of mind in knowing that....

She has Hennessy.

She has me.

And she even has a Massage Nun that would never sell her out.


  1. Edith, this wedding ... I'd rather have you there beside me as a dear friend, rather than having you having to deal my dress as the designer. I want to be able to go Bridezilla about it with you to help me, rather than doing that to you. Please? -- Grace

    Viper ... it's her day. I've been at weddings where the gown was thousands, where the party was sky-clad, and between those bounds. From my very small sample, the less spent, the longer the marriage.

    I'll teach the groom (and you) how to tie a bow tie -- if that's what she wants worn. It is her day, not ours.

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