Friday, November 12, 2010

Chefs VS Bakers

Chefs are crepuscular, Bakers are nocturnal, but their differences run deeper than that.

When chefs stroll into work, they enter a concept that is at the verge of crescendo. Plates clanking,conversation buzzing, whiles lovers exchange oaths over the glow of candlelight!

A baker awakes in the still of the moment, that his / her city will never get to know. Their shift will begin when they enter a tomb that is made up of cinder block, with spaces void of windows.

Chefs work on a line, and covet the attention that is expected from their subversives. They often hang together, when their work is completed, it's customary to smoke pot in somebody's basement.

Bakers are loners, socially retarded from too many imaginary conversations. They don't embrace their colleagues, they just value their do their job correctly so they can go home.

Chefs are Picasso, they imbibe in the arts, and create things that may reach their standard.

Bakers are Dr. Frankenstein, engaging in science, so they can manipulate their demographic.


  1. I have to say since I'm the only baker where I'm at, it's rare that I see the light till I have a break or go home. Its rare ppl come to the back unless they're washing dishes. And for what it's worth, I assume that... I do work better alone & I like it that way. I put on my iPod & do my thing. I'm in a zone & nothing really matters & I hear nothing except for timers, & mixers. I smell nothing but cake where I'm at now & my old place I smelled sweet doughs, sourdoughs like you can get from San Francisco.
    So I agree with the loner quote, the cinderblock quote & how some ppl will never understand or appreciate the work that goes into what they put in their mouths. I alone can live on breads, cheeses, & italian meats with some alcohol here & there.
    Thank you for the words kind sir of the last american baker :)

  2. "some People will never understand or appreciate the work that goes into what they put in their mouths."
    Heather Chitty / Texan Baker
    Kid....that quite is priceless. I'm just letting you know that I am going to steal it from you LOL

  3. Why does it seem to me that bakers would be more likely to smoke pot than chefs...?

  4. Ricky Boo Boo, I think that depends on the kitchen...

    @Klecko I have had a thought/feeling for a long time that a person is either a baker or a chef, you can do one or the other very well, but rarely do I see people who are exceptional at both... thoughts?

  5. @Susan - i couldn't agree more. My friend Debora Gilson has done both, but either one is tough to master.
    @Rikki Boo - Bakers traditionally don't smoke pot. Many are drunks, but their is a lot of speed and / crank residue on the toilet tanks of many bakeries.
    Think about it. How many people have the physical savvy to navigate them selves through the world while spending a decade living in the shadows.

  6. You have to be more alert baking, you could end up in the mixer otherwise...

  7. @Susan....I can't tell you how many fingers/hands/arms I've seen chopped-torn or ripped off in bakeries, but chefs have their hurdles too....knives,grills and deep fryers all have sent many a good employee to the ER, but I will talk further in depth about drugs amongst my musings.....stay tuned.