Friday, November 12, 2010

Klecko Land Revisited

Hello Kids,
Have you ever wanted to get into the mind of a Polish / American baker who............
Has fed an entire city for 30 years?
Baked for world leaders from across the globe?
Designed a sourdough loaf that put an end to the Cold War?
Wrote a dog biscuit cookbook for the Minnesota Historical Socities Press?
Gave Pepper loaves to a Munchkin from Oz?
Has more tattoo's than David Beckham?
Has his Ronald Reagan tattoo named one of the 10 worst ever by Huffington Post
Toured the entire country of Russia three times on government scopes?

Then put your seat belt on my friend and prepare to let me become your secret indulgence.


  1. OK, I'll bite: Which is more useful, passion or skill? Or, more to the point, which should come first?

  2. Kinda like feeding the wild animals...but OK :)

  3. It's about time, Klecko. :)

  4. But I do think you're more of a WordPress kind of blogger. Just sayin'.

  5. If anyone should have a blog it is you dear friend. From recipes to rants and raves this will be a fun ride. Cook it forward!

  6. Passion and drive... I find that the best bakers are driven to improve even when it seems that the formula is working and the skills or techniques appear sound. In the background they will be experimenting with something a little different.

    It is almost like the golf swing. there is always some tweaking before you play but you better not try to be messing around with that swing when you are trying to post a score on the course.

  7. @ Kim, you know I am a Republican, so I do hate to say passion, but it takes passion to plug you in.Then once this takes place....throw it away and become a technician LOL.
    @Swedaro, I am an animal. I sleep with an animal each night in a den, just saying.
    @AnnPagel, I don't have a clue about what wordpress is, but "Oh My Blog", I think I'm a blogging kinda guy.
    @JML, I love you, and will try my best to emulate your savvy in here.
    @John, I didn't.....until Friday
    @Bakerdude, I could NOT agree more! except I would use swinging a baseball bat over a golf club! thanks for the support!

  8. @ Leeshy - thanks kid, and be nice to Eli !!!!!!!!!!!!