Friday, November 12, 2010


Years ago I worked with a guy who everybody called Grap. He was a biker who always showed up to work wearing denim and leather. The thing that struck me funny though, was after working with him for several years....I never saw him on a motorcycle.
Grap had a swastika tattoo on his left bicep, and over it arched the words HARLEY DAVIDSON. Except the "i" in Davidson was omitted by the tattoo artist. We'd bust his balls all the time about this, but his patent response was always released with pride......."Not a big thing, I still got the better of the deal. I only had to give the guy a 1/2 bottle of speed for this ink".
When years passed I ended up working with Grap at another shop. He was in his early 50's but looked a lot older from all the Meth he'd been doing. One Sunday when I went in, I found out that he had a heart attack and got sent to Regents Hospital.
After doing surgery, Grap was placed into a private room. A couple girlio's from the bar stopped by to check on his recovery, The girls were kinda freaked out because Grap had all kinds of equipment hooked up to his body (like Martin Sheen did in the movie Wall Street), but when the nurse left the room...Ol' Grap asked his lady friends if they had just a taste of weed. The girls insisted that they wouldn't contribute to ruining his recovery process, but Grap was real insistent.
Within moments, one chick pulled a "ONE HITTER" out of her purse and Grap took a huge draw off it. Before the smoke could be exhaled (and I forgot to mention that he was underneath his blanket that he was using as a makeshift T-Pee) bells and whistles started sounding off LOL!
The nurses came flying into the room as the 2 women hauled tail out of there. Our buddy Grap went into another heart attack, this one was massive. I heard the doctors were just a little bit pissed off.
When it was time for him to be released the medical staff felt it was best for somebody to pick Grap up,it just was advised that a guy should troll home after having his chest split open, but for most of the day when they called his home.......nobody answered. Finally they called our shop line and filled us in with details and I went and got him.

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