Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bety Crocker VS The Holy Bible

The following thoughts are owned by Danny Klecko and are in no way-shape, or form intended to be considered fact.

Do you know what the Chihuahua's purpose in the scheme of things are?

Tick Tock - Tick Tock and the answer is.......

Chihuahua's came into their prime in Mexico where they were used as guard dogs. However they didn't actually do any of the attacking, instead they were kinda used as sirens.

These little guys traveled in large packs and would use their tremendous eyesight to spot predators along the security perimeter and then they would collectively bark out in their high pitch howl.

I have a safety net that looks out for my best interest as well, her name is Sue McGleno.

When you look at the Klecko list of shortcoming's, the item on there that annoys her the most is my ability to be so impressionable.

That's why throughout most of my marriage you have seen her running several miles in front of me.

But in a way, it's not a totally bad fault.

Klecko has always followed people more than systems.

Systems are flawed and lack "shine" without an authorship.

Let me explain to you my point, and how it can impact not only they way you cook or bake, but maybe how you live your life as well.

When I learned how to cook, I pretty much had the Betty Crocker Cookbook stapled to my coat sleeve. I didn't sign up for an official course.

Instead I just committed myself to the contents teachings.

Some items turned out great, and other experiments almost burst down my house, but none the less, after a couple of years I worked myself through the book and gained some confidence in the skills that I had obtained.

I almost never go back to it as a reference point anymore.

Why would I? I lived it.

When I was a younger man, working second shift, I'd come home each night between 1 and 2 in the morning.

As you can imagine, there wasn't a lot to do, and I had a high maintenance baby that would wake like an alarm at 2 and 5.

It really wasn't worth trying to sleep, this only cost me more aggravation.

So for the next 3 years i just studied the Bible.

There's a difference between reading, and studying you know.

I used a Strong's Concordance and Green's Interlinear to break down the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.

In many respects this period of my life grounded me in my spirituality.

I tied together concepts that were important, and then did my best to construct a game plan of how to pursue my life.

Yes...I made a game plan which was not steeped in thought, hopes or ideology, it's cornerstone was action.

When you use those instructions as to how to assemble your your kids swing set, do you hold onto them after it's constructed, maybe a little dented or rusty, sitting in your back yard?

I doubt it.

But the older I get, the more I see people clinging to "instructions" instead of "actions" or the intermingling with people.

Now don't be a complete dolt and leave this posting saying.......

"Klecko told us not to crack open our cook books or religious scriptures."

I would never say that.

I'm just saying Polish Jesus doesn't want his children tugging on his sleeve every second of the day asking for help, permission and guidance.

He wants people who can implement his tools, and use those tools to build temples of love.

You don't need bricks for that kiddo, just patience and confidence.

Now here I go lining my self up with the Messiah...LOL, trust me, he told me it's OK.

Klecko doesn't want people thinking, imagining that they will become better bakers by sending him a Facebook request for a recipe. He want's to hear questions about "technique."

Just yesterday I got an e-mail from Craig Jermasek.

He was my older neighbor from the Mormon house next door. In previous posts I mentioned how his family basically raised me.

He wrote asking for tips, and setbacks that are common when making Angel food cake.

That's the way to go about things.

Don't ask people to do your culinary work for you, ask them to teach you how to be a person of action.