Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday 50th Birthday H-E-N-N-E-S-S-Y

I've told you that she's a clothing vulture, and to be honest...I find that a little hard to believe.

But it is true,I really think the woman vultures the majority of her wardrobe from her "Walton's" sized family and the city morgue LOL.

Hennessy used to work in the fashion industry, in fact....she used to get to travel all across America and determine what you and yours would be shoving in your closet next season.

But enough of that, I digress......

So let's flash back to last Thursday, Klecko was being contemplitive,praying for his city, and your souls until.......


"Hi Ya" shouts out my demure pastry chef, when I looked up, like Paul on the road to Damascus....I was momentarily blinded.

Was that a sweater, or somekind of Southwestern Easter egg wrapped across her torso.

The red's-yellows and hues of orange were like a sunset on LSD.

I quickly shifted my sightline from this loudness, I snapped my head to the floor, but only to witness orange shoes.

Now you can get away with orange footware if you are running in a marathon, but in day to day..........

Hennessy notes how her dramatic enterance has toppled me momentarily off balance, and one is led to believe, nothing could have made her happier.

"I'll be doing the first stage of the Monkey Crowns (which are really Savarins for an upcoming Retail sale)and then painting them with the Apricot Glaze this afternoon.

After that, what do you we freeze or refridgerate?

Tomorrow I will fill the Pastry Cream and Compote, so you know that you are going to have to place those in the cooler from Friday night untill Saturday opening."

Staling is inevitable.

It is the Grim Reaper of all yeast raised products.

Hennessy has worked with bread before. she understands how to handle it typically, but being that we had so many stages on these Savarins, her questions were warrented.

As we discussed which applications we would employee, I mentioned to her that many-many-many people in the civilized world still didn't understand how to store their bread.

In fact, I'm married to one of them.

Sue McGleno is wife to a Master Bread baker, but yet when Big Papi strolls in from work, it isn't uncommon to find 2/3rds of a loaf of Sourdough or Rye in our fridge.


Heres the skinny peeps, the biggest thing one has to control with bread is it's starch. their molecules will crystalize when they are introduced to moisture, and that will dry the crumb wall and interior out very quickly.

I think the scientic term is Retrogradation, or something like that, Google it if you are a total nerd.

It doesn't matter if you wrap that loaf in plastic,paper or Tupperware. If you put it in the fridge.......It's like putting bullets into a body.

But when you freeze bread, this will actually halt the staling, it becomes to cold for the starch to crystalize.

The bottom line don't have to understand it, just trust uncle Klecko.

It is awlays better to freeze than to refridgerate.

It is always better to leave your bread at room temperture than refridgerate.

The other "Situation" that Hennessy and I ran into a litle bit later that day was that I found out she approved of "Rat Holing."

"Rat Holing" is a phrase that means you (like a rat) are prepared to rip chunks off a loaf (or any food form for that matter) and then pass that item on to somebody else.

Case in point......

On Friday I had some Red Curry - Yellow Mustard loaves come out of the oven.

Praise Polish Christ, they sure smelt wonderful, I perfect soup bread if you don't mind me bragging.

The Red Curry was a special blend of 6 or 7 spices, but I do remember that Paprika and Saffron were 2 of them.

But anyway......I pulled them out of the oven, and then proceeded to place then in a jet stream so they would cool off.

Hennessy had a lot on her mind, and so did I, so I pulled one of the loaves off the pan and loosely wrapped it in parchment paper so the loaf would still be able to breath while cooling.

Hennessy has a brother who is a chef, and her plan...or so she said LOL was to bring this loaf to him later in the evening.

I was happy to oblige, that is until I saw what was about to happen.

Hennessy places the loaf close to her nostrils, inhales a large WHIFF and then informs me that her brother certainly wouldn't mind if........

And then she tore off the end of the loaf and sampled it......

"Oh this is really goo"..........

I interupted......

" so Rat Holed that loaf, and now you are going to give it to your brother?"

I was in disbelief, but my anal stance only added to Hennessy's delight.

For the next hour I walked across the bakery shaking my head in disbelief.

Finally, when the Cardamom Plum breads came out of the oven, and cooled off a bit, I wrapped one of those in a parchment as well and gave stern instructions to leave this loaf intact.

Hennessy was puch drunk giddy.......

"You are worse than my brothers Klecko!"

I explained that 2 universal laws had been broken on this day......

#1 -

It is never-ever-ever acceptable under ANY circumstances to Rat Hole Bread.


#2 -

If you are going to be a rebel, if you are going to sin against God and the human race, try to do it when the bread has cooled to room temperture.

When sampling bread, ecspecially something with a distinct flavor profile, something like Red Curry - Yellow lose power from the palate if you sample it hot.

The secondary, and 3rd waves of flavor don't have a chance to become recognized.

But I swear to Caesar that Hennessy must have joined a bowling league with Sue McGleno and Gilson, because she refuted this bit of advise with the simplest of answers.......

"I don't think so."

I am nothing short of blessed that Hennessy has come aboard here at the bakery. It is fun to poke fun at her a bit, but today, on her 50th birthday, what can I say other than not only do I and so many people love her, but we really enjoy what she bakes for us and are thankful for everything that comes out of her ovens.

If you have a second, please join me in wishing Hennessy a special 50th birthday.


  1. Happy birthday, Hennessy! I'm going to meet you one of these days ....

  2. That's why in the bible it says Jesus very carefully took the loaves and blessed them then cut them into identical-sized slices and passed them around the table.

    Far be it from the son of man to rathole a breadloaf.