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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Worst Day of the Week to Buy Baked Goods Is ???

It is said that you should never eat buffet meals in Vegas because the contents being served are usually left overs from the last couple of days.

It is said that you should never buy a hot dog during the first couple of innings of a baseball game because chances are that those were the dogs that didn't sell in the final innings the previous night.

I can't prove those statements, but Klecko is always happy to report urban legends.

Buying bakery items can be tricky too, our systems most certainly have chinks in the armor.

A - The chocolate filled croissant you get at your local coffee shop

B - The Apple Fritter you get at your gas station

C - Any outsourced bake goods you'll run across in a restaurant or hotel

These are just a few items that will be much better on certain days of the week than others.

A - Many coffee shops pick up their pasrty daily from local retail / Ma Pa shops. Most of these smaller bakeries are closed for production on Sundays, I don't think there is a specific reason why Sundays off has been the industry norm, but it just has.

The part that is ironic is that many people like to frequent coffee houses exclusively on Sundays,read their newspaper and stuff like that, but since their Croissant was made on's usually 24-26 hours old before it is consumed.

Croissants that exceed a day are kinda like man hole covers.

B - Gas station baked goods are a whole other monster. They often times won't send product for their cases on Tuesdays.

I think the reasoning here is because the hope is that their traffic will be big during the weekend. They have to stock fresh Saturday and Sunday, So Monday a standing order will be shipped out to cover everything that was sold during the previous 2 days, the busiest 2 days of the week.

But Mondays are weird in most hospitality concepts. They can get real busy (like 20% of the time) or they can just crawl by and leave you sitting in isolation like a monk.

So long story short.....if you are hitting the Maple Long Johns on a Tuesday afternoon....careful, it may have fossilized.

C - Wholesale is weird. Once again, I can't give you a specific reason, but most commercial bakeries run production Sun - Friday and are closed on Saturday. That means a large-large majority of the restaurants, casino's, hotels and catering peeps are plating you products that are 48 hours old if you dine with them on a Sunday.

Well Klecko.....can an additional 24 hours really add that much impact on the integrity of baked goods? really can.

I'm not suggesting that you stop frequenting these concepts, all I'm saying guys is don't think just because some baked item is in a showcase that it is fresh.

You are entitled to ask when the shipment was made.

If that muffin in your hand is over 48 hours, I'd consider asking for a discount....truth be told, most peeps simply won't volunteer this information, or reduce their price(s) unless forced to.

Stay sharp out ther L.A.B. RATS!

Danny Klecko......g-o-n-e


  1. Guess fresh is better but not too fussy when it comes to fats and sweets.

    1. agreed - agreed, as we say at the bakery.....a cowboy would eat it!

  2. yikes. i try never to buy food at gas stations. even bottled water seems suspect, on any oday of the week.

  3. Most coffee shop pastries are bad - especially anything at Starbucks!