Friday, March 2, 2012

How Old Does A Waitress Have To Be To...........

OK-OK-OK, I know we live in a politically correct world, and yes...I do know that "Server" is a preferred term used by many, but Klecko believes some positions are exempt.

If you work the breakfast counter at a restaurant......WAITRESS.

If you work a cafe......WAITRESS.

Are you feeling me on this.

Todays modern world can move fast, people don't always have time to learn not only politically correct terms, but the vernacular that is used in each industry.

That woman named Joanne with the varicose veins who pulled your pie out of that rotating dessert case.....she wore the name "Waitress" as a badge of honor.

Food Service workers by comparison are not really too touchy.

Flight Attendants, we all joke about them because they really do get pissed if you call them waitress, because they think they are above Food Service peeps since they do that 2 minute speech where they show you what to breath in, and where the barf bag is......

So where's all this leading Klecko????????

Well Mustafa....just the other night Sue McGleno and I were having pizza a Carbone's.

In the Twin Cities we have more than a handful of these concepts.

Carbone's are franchised, and in many ways.....they are the equivalent of a "Denny's" or "Country Kitchen" in the Pizza/Spaghetti world.

Few people go to work the day after eating at one of these joints and brag about it, but that's kinda to bad.

Carbone's offers a killer Jukebox and 9 out of 10 times the people who prepare your meal are the children of one of your friends.

The aesthetics are quaint, wooden paneling and booths where the bench's are placed so far from the table that a 400 pound person could occupy the booth with comfort.....

And they also have a coat rack.

So we're sitting there and our "Waitress" steps up, she's gotta be, 17-18.....maybe 19 tops.

When you've eaten out with somebody for years, you can tell what they are thinking just by watching them ponder huh?

I could tell by Sue McGleno's menu eyes that she was deciding if she should order a salad or not.

Our young friend interrupted...

"What can I get ya hun?"

This young woman, possibly not even an official adult pulled "Hun" out of her order taking repertoire.

I usually don't like to get involved in somebody elses order, but I couldn't resist.....

"You can't (HUN) her, your not old enough.....and we are not young enough. Ya know there's rules for stuff like that."

My mind flashed back to that morning where Sue McGleno fought with me on the Las Vegas strip, we were staying in an upgraded suite at the Stratosphere and for w/e reason my wife became possessed by a demon LOL, don't take my word for it...she'll own up to it, but we were in a thing, and somehow we ended up at the IHOP right outside of our hotel.

Our waitress sidled up to our table, and she had a BIG name tag, almost billboard size. Hers said....WANDA.

Wanda must of been 60 something. Funny, that was 5 years ago, but I remember that her teeth were pearl white.

Wanda asked Sue McGleno....

"What can I get for you Hun?"

With her it worked, and in case you were wondering, the brief relationship between the IHOP waitress and my wife resurrected the remainder of my holiday.

Sue McGleno is usually pretty quiet, but she got out of Wanda that she came to "Sin City" over 30 years ago.

Sue McGleno asked if she came following a boy, Wanda turned her eyes at me, sighed heavy and replied......

"Isn't that always the case kid?"

Whatever took place there made my wife stop hating me, so I didn't even press it any further, but my point being is I think deep down we all want a waitress to call us Hun...don't we?

But if so, there needs to be a minimum age, earlier today I asked Hennessy and she said 50.

I know at times it appears that Klecko has a rule for everything, but truth be told....I'm stumped on this one.

L.A.B. RATS its not often I give out homework assignments, but I'll be expecting some detailed feed back.

Good Night


  1. I'll pass it on to my stepdaughter who has a lot of experience as waitress - I don't think she ever "hun-ed" anybody. But I would it definitely find strange to be addressed like that be somebody who could be my daughter.

    1. Agreed Hanseata, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have to earn the right to drop "HUN" on your clients. You have to have a piggy bank FULL of life experience.