Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rice Crispy Bars

Before most of my city was even out of bed this morning, I had to go to one of my biggest accounts to look at their Rice Crispy bars. They have been making them in house, but he said recently he's thinking maybe he should let his cooks-cook, and leave the baking to the kids with the floppy white caps.

I'm always thrilled at the oppurtunity to outsource products for people, but to date.....we don't do Rice Crispy bars unless it is a rare Retail situation.

When Chef's ask you to fill an existing product, I have learned that it is mandatory to get a sample of what they are using.

I don't care if it is a pound of butter,sourdough loaves or a cup cake....PERCECTION IS A FUNNY WORD.

Everybody seems to look at singular objects with different eyes.

It's a good thing I made the trip this morning because the samples I saw were different than what I envisioned.

Each piece was the size of a Cinder Block Brick, and in addition to that.....they had 4 flavors.

#1 - Traditional

#2 - M&M

#3 - Black & White (where 1/2 the bar gets dipped in dark chocolate, and then you drizzle white chocolate over the dark)

#4 - Peanut Butter / Chocolate Chunk.

So now the Chef places samples into indavidual plastic bags for me, and while he's doing this, I ask for a breakdown on flavors.....

"So what are we looking at here? I'll bet 50% of the volume is plain, Black & White is 25% and the other 2 round off the menu."

Chef is tired, looks like he might want to process this for a second, but then tiredly submits.....

"Nah, its pretty even across the board. You can bank on an equal division."

Now I've known this Chef for many years, it's not like we hang out at the hitting cages together, but I've studied him (and his practices) enough to know that he is truthful.

But as I hopped back into my bread truck to run the samples back to the bakery for Hennessy to inspect, I didn't want to buy into his expert advice.

Surely 1/2 the volume had to be plain Rice Krispy bars.....don't you think?

A smart baker always listens to chefs, ecspecially when they are clients....but I sure would like to get your opinion.


Which would you choose?


  1. I'm a purist - traditional ONLY. I hate tainted rice krispy treats. I can't be more emphatic about this. But then, I hate crap in my chocolate too.

  2. Klecko, I cannot BELIEVE you don't welcome allcomers! Why, just the other day, when I EVER so happily found not only a box of rice krispies (in Belgium!! It's an Easter MIRACLE!) and ALSO found corn syrup AND marshmallows (praise baby Jesus!) I got busy making rice krispy bars with a spoon of peanut butter, a couple Tblsp of Caro, barely let them set in the pan before spreading Nutella on top (after all, I am in Belgium....) and it made all the gray Belgian blues go away. :)

    Happy Baking! :)
    Sarah (and her monkeys)

    1. Moxie so had me, until Nutella...ew, glad you found some rice gems kid!

  3. I only get as wild as browning the butter for the traditional "crispy" treats. No other foreign matter is allowed.

  4. Plain is good. I make them with extra goo (triple recipe of Crispies, quadruple recipe of goo.)

    But then I get bored. Plain Crispies and wasbi peas, and CocoCrispies and dried cherries, are two of my best "creations". Plain and dark chocolate M&M. Plain and roasted peanuts. Plain and Rice Crispy - colored M&Ms. Plain and Skittles. CocoCrispies and chocolate chunks and chocolate frosting. Thin layers of crispy bar with Bavarian cream filling and a white with chocolate drizzle, like a Napoleon. I put food color in the goo (this usually doesn't work well.) I've tried putting chocolate in the goo; that hasn't worked at all.

    Peanut butter in Crispy Bars, I don't like. Maybe if there was honey added, or honey-flavored crispies. Hmmm.

  5. I'd go for the traditional first, but the black-and-white ones sound good to me too!

    What I like even better than rice crispy squares are puffed wheat squares, which are more molasses-y in flavor and appear to be strictly a Canadian thing. They are these (not my link):

    1. Very cool, nice add Sarah, I have never heard of this. it appears there is so much more about Canada that I need to learn about!

  6. I never cared for Rice Krispie treats. So I had never made them. When the GF Rice Krispies came on the market, I decided to buy a box or two. Invited a couple of my sisters out and said lets make rice krispie bars. We had never made them! So we followed the instructions on the box. Just as we were finishing up the stirring, I grabbed some chocolate chips and said we should add chocolate. And that is my history of making rice krispie treats! Now, I only like chocolate rice krispie treats! But I would prefer #3 over the others. I will have to try that version too!

    1. Good for you RetiredWithNoRegrets. It goes to show that it is never to late to try new experiences!

  7. Someday, today, even with all you have to thing about, some jerk is going to walk up to uou and say yeah, percection is a funny word ... good luck at the docs

    1. LOL....thanks, I am off to the Doc in a couple minutes.

  8. Ditch the Rice Krispies. Heat up a cup of sugar and a cup of corn syrup, mix in a cup of peanut butter and stir in Special K. Spread with a frosting of chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. Now you have K Bars--the best!

    p.s. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks Cathy, I am on round #2 of antibiotics....and in 6 first batch of Pregnizone ewwwwww! K-Bars huh? My Grandmother used to make those (w/o the chocolate) and you are so right, they are wonderful.

  9. Plain its the way for me. although butterscotch is a nice flavor. I don't like them too greasy or 2 buttery. Chewy is good.

    All I know is if I am at a party, and they have rice krispie treats, I always have at least 1.

  10. Plain is the best. But I sometimes add a handful of chocolate chips at the end.

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