Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The "ART" of Baking

Yesterday at work my phone rang, I picked it up, and a Nun on the other line says...

"Are you better Danny?"

I thought for a second, because I always try to be careful when responding to Nuns....

"Why yes Sister, you know I am. You and the Sisters spoke on my behalf to God."

She liked that answer, and she continued speaking...

"Yes we sure did, and we are sure glad you feel better. We said a special Mass for you."

So now I kinda feel like that guy at the beginning of the Godfather who approached Don Corleone for justice.

Remember when the Godfather says.....

"There may be a day when I call on you for a favor, and that day may never come...."

Basically those Nuns own me for life now and they know it LOL, but I would have it no other way.

This morning was my last doctor appointment to double and triple check that I am OK.

I'll bet this was the 12th, 14th 18th time I've seen Dr. Cox since last December.

When you feel like crap and think you are going to die, and then you feel worse, and kinda wish that you would die, and then a doctor heals kinda forms a bond.

Well it does for me at least.

My appointments with Dr. Cox have been spread out over different locations during my dealio.

However, the last 3 Wednesday mornings, I have been fortunate to get 8 a.m. slots at his office in a hospital that is 5 minutes from my house, and 1/2 way between the Klecko estate and the bakery.

Any one of these last 3 visits could have been my last appointment, all I needed was for him to feel comfortable with my healing.

So during these last 3 visits, I have brought full sheet cake boxes jammed with pastry for his staff.

The first "Gratitude Package" kinda blew him away.

Remember, up until this point, he didn't know what I did for a living, or where I worked.

All he knew was I had tattoo's of life sized monkeys, communist propaganda, and baby rattles just to name a few.

Each time I went to the doctor's office I wore clothes from Klecko's gangsta collection.

What I'm trying to say is if he thought I was a hood, I certainly wouldn't blame him.

But I'll tell ya, my thuggish looks never deterred his mercy.

That guy focused, executed and healed me.

But when I had a rack filled with sourdough, desserts and dog biscuits...he had a strange look on his face, like maybe disbelief.

So I pulled out a business card that announced me as "Klecko" and listed the name of my bakery, I didn't want him to think I was some weirdo who stole a rack of baked goods and stuffed it full of poison.

You have to remember, up until this point he knew me as Danny McGleno.

"My wife knows about you." he said "You guys have that first of the month sale right?"

And now his hands dug through the product like 4 year digs into a box of cereal to get to the decoder ring at the bottom.

So the following week Dr. Cox told me about the stuff I brought, and who ate it, and what they said....and then I handed him another one.

He smiled again, tells me I had to come back in one more week (which was today) and when I returned.....he was going to show me his art.

So this morning I go back, I get the official clearing, and as much as I hate medical stuff. I did feel overwhelmed.

It is humbling when you know you can't repay somebody's mercy.

Now I know many will say it is mercy that comes with a price tag, but you weren't there.

Dr. Cox was ecstatic that he returned the quality of my life to were it originated.

So now Klecko is feeling kinda choked up as he says his good bye, but then Dr. Cox remembers.....

"Hold it right there" he says to me "I want to show you something."

And then he exits for 2 minutes and returns with an I-Phone and begins pulling up pictures.

"I wanted to show you MY ART." he said with a grin.

And then he rifled through all these pics of roses in a large, organized overgrown garden with cool walls and trellises. It looked quite English.

"This is my art" he said.

So first off, I think this flower topic started because he must have viewed my bake goods as art, and perceived me to be an artist.

Dude was so excited to show me what he created, and it was impressive, very much so.

But as I walked towards the elevators, I had to chuckle.......

Here's a guy who knows how to open a human body, shuffle the deck,and return peace and hope to a persons life who lost it....but yet he views flowers as his art.

LOL...Dr. Cox is cool.


  1. I would say EXTREMELY cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your tales. It is always fun to discover the passions of the people we meet. That's why we have the phrase "Never judge a book by it's cover."

    1. Unless the cover has a monkey...then you know its a good book.