Tuesday, June 12, 2012

L.A.B. Statistics - The Russians Are Coming

Lab Rat's, not that it matters, but just in case you are curious who reads this silly Blog, let's post some numbers.....

For over 1 1/2 years, after my American readers, the Germans have been the #2 demographic.

Around a year ago, The Russian cracked the top 10 list,but something is going on with those crazy cats in Moscow (and elsewhere across the Motherland).

At this moment, my Russian friends have been surging up the charts.

My German friends have hit this blog 50 times this month.......

But for reasons unknown to me......

The Russians have hit it 140 time and are within striking distance of my #2 viewership.

Now I know the Motherland and the Fatherland have had there differences in the past...

But let me state what an honor, complete honor it is to have peoples from nations so entrenched in baking history spend their lunch breaks reading the musings of a Pollack in America.

And BTW.....Ukraine has recently cracked the top 10...

Mad love to you kids out in the Ukraine.

The U.K., Canada and France have been solid contributors as well.

Anyways....drum roll please..............

United States 33,979

Germany 960

Russia 925

Canada 833

United Kingdom 707

France 259

Netherlands 229

Belgium 195

Australia 177

Ukraine 113

Thanks for the love guys, and keep shouting out. I really value each one of you.

Germany and Russia......you are family. It makes me feel good that baking is a platform that allows us to share joy together.

Keep reading...the baker gets so lonely being by himself.


  1. Once again the Seychelles bring up the rear (rolls eyes)

  2. As I said - we East Europeans. But perhaps we have to defend ourselves against these Tartar hoards overrunning us from the steppes..

    1. You tell them Hanseata, I wouldn't want to run up against you or any other og your baking posse LOL.