Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dogs in the Bakery

From my experience.....

I have found that very few things are sacred in bake shops and kitchens.

Many bakers will take a co workers tragedy, wrap it up in a flaming bundle, and then throw it back at them.

If you are going to survive a bake shop.....

If you are going to advance in a bake shop.....

In simplest terms, you better be bullet proof.

With that said, there are several unwritten codes of protocol that exist,

The following poem will describe one of them.

Enjoy -

A Dead Dog

In a bakery
When your wife files for divorce
The dough mixer will tell you
He never liked the bitch

In a bakery
When your dad dies
The oven man grows hostile
Itemizing his fathers drunken exploits

In a bakery
When your dog dies
The crew will mourn in silence
Knowing certain forms of suffering
Are sacred, and require revrence

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