Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Episode #400 - Pam McClanahan / Influence of the Year

Welcome L.A.B. Rats to the 400th episode of the Last American Baker.

Whenever I hit one of the hundreds, I kinda like to do something a little bit special or different, oh....but before I do that, I want to thank Great Britain for the surge in viewership hits lately.

I don't know if the spiked numbers were prompted by my Charles Dickens recipes (LOL), but whenever I get a chance to talk smack with the Queens subjects, I always consider that an honor.

Anyways, the year is ending, and I've known for the last couple of days that I would have to post a #400 Blog posting, and I determined that this time I would talk about the one person in my community that influenced me the most this year.

I tried to be prudent, and give the entire population a fair chance, but to be honest, I figured out who I wanted to be in 2013 within minutes.

My personal hero of this year is the Director of the Minnesota Historical Press / Pam McClanahan.

I've known Pam for several years.

Although our paths don't cross as much as I like, we live in the same neighborhood.

A couple years back, she got me an in to write my cookbook.....

K-9 Nation "Baking for my best Friend."

This was about the time that Pam had been advanced to the top of the MHS totem pole, so I am certain it was an exciting time in her life and career.

One of the main reasons I admired her back then was because throughout our buisness relationship, there was a coupled instances where I imitated myself a little too closely (in other words I was kinda a diva-smart a**) and Pam was professional enough....kind enough to man up and put me in my place.

I really respect people who are loving enough to be forward and call me on things things that will ultimately embarress me.

It's so easy to look the other way.

Pam is kind.

Pam is gracious.

But Pam simply won't take crap from anybody, not even a Pollack Baker.

Pam's position has yeilded so much joy and information for the state of Minnesota.

The press that she works for strives at length to preserve the history, recipes and poems of the people that live across the Land of 10 000 Lakes.

MHS is more than a gift, they are a blessing.

A lot can happen in one year.

A lot of memories can pile up.

Mnay and most get shuffled into my mental warehouse where I will place them into shoe boxes that will never be opened again.

However, after asking myself.......What was the one moment of 2012 that makes you smile?

The answer wasn't an epic occurrence, but actually more of a fleeting moment.

I think it took place in July or August.

I remember it was really hot outside, and I was coming from the gym, clad in work out gear, and for some reason I was buzzing down Selby Avenue to get (I think an Ezra Pound book) at the Sub Text book store.

It was kinda like a Springsteen song.....

I was walking in, an Pam was walking out.

Our eyes caught, we smiled, and within seconds I felt really fortunate to have her as a part of my life.

I'm not always good at realizing peoples worth, and the tremendous influence they have on me, but everytime I see McClanahan, I just feel better.

Anyways, I was sweaty, sweaty enough where I didn't want to hug her......

But she insisted.

Then realizing that we both had appointments to attend in about an hours time, Pam looked across the street at the infamous W.A. Frost (for those of you outside Capitol City, it's pretty much one of the more swank bar/restaurants) and mentioned......

I'll bet we have time for one.

I didn't really want to stumble into such a lush enviroment, flashing my gargantuan muscles and body ink....

But I did.

And although it was just one drink, and maybe 21 minutes on the watch dial, it was the one 1/2 hour period this year that I recall.

The one 1/2 hour that I wish I could return to, and I think a lot of the reason is because I really respect Pam McClanahan.

I love her too, and in the upcoming year......I'm guessing I'm gonna try to steal some of her "Secret Moves."
and raise my street cred to an alltime high.

Thanks L.A.B. Rat's for putting up with KleckoNation for 400 rants.

I love most of you.......


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