Friday, December 14, 2012

Hollywood Soup Prep - Vote for Sheen or Lohan

Over the years, I've experienced a lot of weekday - days off.

For many people, this would constitute murder, because it breaks into the Eb and Flo of weekends at the cottage, Sunday morning church service, or even a specified block of family time.

Let me tell you L.A.B. Rat's, I have yet to find a person that can take Klecko for 48 hours w/o wanting out for life.

Klecko is wonderful in small doses, like a cartoon before a movie, or Celtic music.......

But if you commit to walking the extended saw dust trail with him...........

So as some of you know, I have been on vacation this week, and on one of those days, I made soup for Sue McGleno.

Actually, I made it for myself, and a few other peeps (more on that at a different date) as well, but whenever I cook at home, I don't make what I want....I make what Sue McGleno likes.

She finds this so unusual, and throughout the years she has alluded that perhaps my willingness to roll over and feed her-her preferences was due to ulterior motives.....

But as the years have passed, she seems to finally be coming around, and realizing that when a person loves cooking, they prefer to cook for others more than themselves.

Can you imagine if you painted Mona Lisa or American Gothic and simply left it in your hallway at home?

What a waste.

So it's a couple of days ago, midweek, midday, and Klecko is in his home kitchen with a mountain of vegetables... 

"She's not going to eat the soup if I don't cut this into microscopic pieces."

Klecko prefers "stew sized" veggies however, maybe because of the texture, or maybe because he's feeling lazy and doesn't want these carrots, beets and onions to be reduced to mush.

CUT-CUT-CUT-CUT-CUT-CUT-CUT-CUT-CUT-CUT goes Klecko, while a radio, that Sue McGleno left on from when she was getting ready for work that morning is blaring away.........

"And on an interesting note, reports are in the Charlie Sheen sent Lindsay Lohan $100 000 to help her alleviate her tax debt. However, although Lohan's camp took the money, nobody sent Charlie a thank you. He said that he was kind of put off that she couldn't even send him a text."

I set down my Wusthof and thought about this for a second.

"Maybe Charlie shouldn't give money if he's needing a thank you." I thought.

But then I thought some more.

If you know Klecko, and let's say Klecko covers your $142 bar tab.........

He'll want a thank you, maybe even on a billboard LOL.

But perception is a funny word isn't it?

Lindsay could have so easily have sent a simple thanks, and the whole issue would be over, but she didn't.

Who knows, maybe she's thinking...............

"I didn't ask for this, and after all...Charlie just did this to maintain his visibility otherwise.... why does the media even know about this?"

But then Charlies probably thinking......

"Whatever......if she felt slighted......she didn't have to cash the check, did she?"

I have my opinion as to who is right, and who is the D-Bag here, but I will reserve comment.

Afterall, just like making soup....................

I would rather hear your thoughts on the topic.....



The vote starts in 3-2-1


  1. This is a content between a stopped clock and one that is running fast. I go with the one that is out of control, not the one that just lies there. Lindsay!

  2. My vote is that both are d-bags. The proper method for preparing them is to steep each in a cup of boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes, add cream and sugar -- then dump the contents down the drain!