Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red Rooms and Best Friends

Remember that Johnny Cash song "On a Sunday Morning Sidewalk"? Chris Christopherson wrote it I think. Basically it talks about how pathetic and useless life seems when a sober drunk walks through city streets while their blood is still thawing out.

My contention would be that any street in any part of the city is pathetic on any given Sunday.

I'm willing to bet that it was May of 2006 when my friend Gilson invited me to join her to take a look around her newest place of employment. She was hired as the pastry chef for (what was then called) Cue at the Guthrie.

Lenny Russo was the executive chef and together they were going to develop product lines for what may have been the most interesting building that had been constructed in a quarter of a century.

The plan was to take our little tour early in the morning, so the 2 of us could walk through the facility with out being bothered by construction people doing last minute touch ups, or anybody else who'd even impede our pleasure for that matter.

So as we entered downtown, and got close to the "Milling" district, it was weird to see how empty a city street could be at 7 30 in the morning.

As Gilson parked the car, I stood at the foot of the fine arts theater in awe. The thing was a so monolithic and new looking.

I think they were about a month out from opening, so I was excited to have a first hand tour of where all the beautiful people would be spending their time and money.

Before we pierced the structure, Gilson brought me around the exterior of the building. This process took a little while because the property was as big as a soccer pitch, if not bigger.

When I think back, the one thing that sticks in my mind was the outdoor lighting fixtures. All of them contained blue light bulbs, and even though it was spring time and sunny outside, the lighting created a cold and sterile vibe.

Who knows, maybe part of that was because their wasn't a single other person in the vicinity,and much of our experience took place in silence.

If you haven't figured it out yet, silence and Klecko seldom hold hands. Silence frightens me. It makes me feel awkward, but there are a few exceptions to this neurosis of mine, and one of them is when I am in the presence of Gilson.

I don't know what it is about her, it would take too much time to figure it out, but all I know is that when I am in her presence....I don't need anything else, I am content.

So now we walked into the building. How bad a** is it that Gilson had a security card for this joint. I remarked that if I did, I would have a hidden fort on the premises by now.

The kitchen was the first place we went. On many occasions I have had the privilege of entering concepts before they've been launched. Sometimes I like to just like to stare and imagine the conversations that will occur in the future.

Doing this can be exhilarating, and I guess its kinda cool because its kinda like people who look for ghosts. However, my method is better because my focal point deals with dreams and asperations instead of dead people LOL.

The Guthrie has multiple levels that offer you limitless ways to spend your time. We strolled through each and everyone of them.

For the grand finale, Gilson got that Gilson grin on her face, instructed me to follow her, and then proceeded to open the door which led us into the main theater.

As the castle like door was pulled back, brightness and color splashed my face as if I were pool side during a Mama Cass belly flop!

The carpet,curtain and fabric along the walls were fire engine red, and with the million watt light bulbs shooting beams like cannonballs.....the place was shining.

For a fraction of a moment, I think I remembered being back in my mothers womb.

Gilson ushered us to the middle of the room where the both of us slid down an aisle and sat in the middle of the row.

I'll never be able to properly convey how spectacular that moment was, both of us knowing that an immeasurable amount of culture would be gracing this stage for generations to come.

But only after Gilson and I enjoyed it silence.
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  1. Great to see you up and running again sir

  2. Thanks, I am happy that bitterness didn't win out this time. I am glad to no longer be banned in 39 countries LOL.