Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can You Guess 2011-2012's Spice Trend? (input wanted)

Many Americans from my generation grew up being exposed to the dinner roll.

Dinner rolls can come in many shapes......

Standard Roll -
Pull A Parts -
Cloverleafs -
Bagatini's -
Bread Sticks -
Knots -
Parker House -
Butter Fans -

But almost always, they are scaled at the same size. 1 and 1/2 ounces each.

This isn't nessasarily written on any documents, but I guess it's just one of those unspoken rules.

When I was a kid growing up, when you went to a restaurant, getting a bread basket wasn't a special treat. It was an entitlement.

More often than not your basket would come with rolls that ranged in color, shape and texture.

I was always grabbing for the black rolls.

I remember that if our table was placed close to the kitchen, we'd gooseneck and try to see if they'd recycle the dinner rolls that previous diners didn't consume.

So how does a restaurant, or event know how many pieces they should have on hand each night?

Well, the age old formula is to determine how many diners you will be having, and then times that by 1 1/2.

At the begining of this new millenium dinner rolls were almost on the extintsion list, but for reasons unknown to me....they are coming back stronger than ever.

However, many accounts that are ordering them are trying to build their own unique brand by adding some really sexy ingrients into them.

Truth be told....I think your grand parents dinner roll will only be able to be seen in your rear view mirror.

Next week I am baking a new flavor combination for the most prestigous hotel in my state.

There hotel has housed Presidents, Popes and Prime Ministers. I always find it such an honor to be associated with any projects that they are doing.

In 8 or 9 days they will be holding one of their biggest events of the years and I will be making 2100 pieces of product for them.

I'm going to list the flavor combo's and give you guys a week to pick which selection the most discerning palates in my state are coveting.

You can bet that the roll that they go with with become en vogue, and for the next year it will be the item that all the "Beautiful People" will be partaking of when they come to the Twin Cities.

The following that I am about to submit, were sent out in a series of exhaustive taste testings over the last several months. Today I found out the winner.

So here you go L.A.B. groupies, which one of these is going to be the rage, and why?

Blue Cheese Roll (Scored on Top)

Honey Thyme Roll

Dill / Sunflower Breadstick

White Cheddar / Black Pepper Bread Stick

Basil / Feta Roll

Lemon Tarragon Bagatini

BTW....If its any consilation, I didn't guess correctly.

Let the wild rumpus began....I wanna here what you're thinking.


  1. basil-feta roll would be my pick :)

  2. The White Cheddar/ Black Pepper gets my vote

  3. Wow....3 experts, 3 different picks.

  4. I want the blue cheese, but Michelle wants Lemon Taragon Bagatini.

    18 oz / 12 = 1.5 oz each, bakes to a dozen in a pound.

    (Actually, she loves french fries, so if you could make French Fry Breadsticks, she'd probably love you.)

  5. lol....french fries are always good.

  6. All in good thyme, there honey... and not of that cheesy subbing there feta

  7. I'd vote for honey thyme, and not just because it sounds like a lot of fun!

  8. I think that the thyme and honey is following the current trend in foods of sweet/savory and that is what that roll would be.

  9. Thanks for the input, but lets keep those votes coming......

  10. Well....after much consideration I would have to pick the Honey/Thyme. like Nancy Michel, I too go for the sweet and savory...although I do not believe that I would consider myself part of a population setting any type of trend, lol...I just know what I like...If there would have been a Lemon/Basil...I would have been all over that! (Love that flavor combination)!!!!!!

  11. i said blue cheese, because i want blue cheese. RIGHT NOW!

  12. Sherri, i love it too. Marina Sophia.....Go take a nap.

  13. Honey thyme and lemon tarragon!

  14. The answer is Dill & Sunflower

  15. Boring and somehow appropriate. I thought dill was two years ago.