Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seriously.....What Would You Do?

Last night I went out to dinner with Saint Paul's official Poet Laureate and an Editor from the top writing center in the Twin Cities.

Both of my comapanions were women, and both of them looked ravishing.

We went to Scusi's which is located in Lenny Russo's former Heartland space, and I for one was thrilled.

The date had been set, oh I don't know, like over a month ago, but when the 3 of us decided on our date and location, we didn't realize that the heat index would be what....110 "F".

So we plopped at our table, ordered up some items and basically looked at one other to see if anybody was going to pass out.

The wait staff there usually wears black and white formal attire, but last night.....all bets were off.

Like many dinner dates, this one started off with small talk, and as this was taking place, our server came to our table and greeted us, I called her by name (she had waited on Sue McGleno and me a couple weeks ago after our Woody Allen date night) and the Poet Laureate was more than impressed that I displayed exemplary recall.

When the server was out of ear shot, I confess that I didn't have a great memory, just extenuating circumstances.

The servers name was unusual, and her appearance offered the possibility that her parents may have been of different races.

So thats when I explained to my dinner companions how my 1st wife left me on Saint Patricks day. I came home from work, she handed me a Border Collie, made mention that she realized I hated to be alone, so this dog was going to be my new companion while she left me and moved to an undisclosed tropical island.

Well, in addition to actually doing this, my practice wife also rang up 40-50 K on our joint credit cards. I was a kid and didn't think to cancel them, or at least have my name taken off. a fleeting moment, little Danny Klecko was kicking it with a dog and skateboard on bankrupt avenue.

Wife #1 on the other hand was living a gay and care free life - lol, she got knocked up by some Rasta dude in the Carribean and eventually came back to Minnesota to give birth to her daughter.

My peeps asked how I would react to this, some wondered if I was going to throw down on her if our paths crossed.

Nah, the past is the past. I now had a dog, and my former high school sweet heart Sue McGleno.

I've never seen wife #1 after signinging those divorce papers 20 some years ago. I'm not even sure I would know if she was her, if we shared a bus bench.

But I really bet that server was her daughter. Saint Paul is small, and with that unique name, and specific appearance, combined with being in the ballpark on age.....well who knows?

I like cats, I watch them, and I've seen what curiousity does to them.

For once in my life, I kept my lout mouth shut.

What would you have done? Would you have asked?

Just wondering.....think breeze and chilly winds ya'll


  1. Best leave the past in IN the past...however that being said...sometimes people are placed in our paths for a reason... My thoughts are to let it be and not say anything unless there is some other reason (other than curiosity) for you to say something and even then ask yourself to what purpose will it really thoughts... life throws ya curve balls sometimes and knocks you for a loop...confront it from a logical standpoint as opposed to from an emotional one

  2. "Hi, Name. I might be your mom's first husband."

    Even with my limited social skills, I can see this going downhill very quickly.

  3. What'd'ja talk about?

    Oh, to be a fly on your menus.

  4. Mike I tried to call you a hour ago.....nobody answered.

  5. Enjoy the mystery. It's always better than reality.

  6. Brand new reader... but I agree with Susan, let it be a mystery. It sounds like you were lucky to be left by her mother. If she is the daughter, you already know that her mother wasn't all that stable. No need to introduce any more chaos in her life.

  7. agreed! And also---what good is that going to bring to your life? You've paid your dues on this one, dear, and I always prefer dogs to cats anyways. ;)

    take care! hugs from Brussels!

  8. Koefod......i do love mystery......and Jan, thanks for hopping in as well. Moxie....XOXO