Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Biggest Bagel Chump - You Choose

I've said it before, but I will say it again.

If you want to follow the world of the baking pro's....there is no source more credible than "Modern Baking".

This magizine is now released on the internet, so just go do that "Google Thing" and you will be set.

So here's the deal....I just read a brief artical of theirs, and I will post it for you.

The artical is a story of conflict.

This conflict has 2 parties with opposing views, however.....

I'm not sure which camp is more wacked...

I'll let you be the judge.

The following is the story from Modern Baking......

NY bakery takes legal action against Dunkin’s ‘artisan bagel’ line
Apr 25, 2012 11:27 AM, by Modern Baking staff

Earlier this month, Dunkin' Donuts rolled out its "artisan bagel" line, noting it had reinvented its recipe to feature a soft, chewy texture. Now a bagel company in Queens, N.Y., is taking legal action in an effort to force Dunkin' to drop the word "artisan" from its marketing strategy, arguing that it's false advertising, according to an article on

Marc Fintz, the director of business development for Davidovitch Bakery, has filed motions with the Federal Trade Commission and New York State Attorney General, as well as the Better Business Bureau national advertising board. The company alleges that Dunkin' Donuts artisan bagels "creates the perception that their products are produced by hand, using traditional methods in small quantities. This is not the case."

Fintz argues that his bagels are truly artisan, meaning they are produced by hand—kettle boiled and plank baked—using traditional formulas.


So tell me peeps...who is being a bigger goon here?

Does Dunkin Donuts really think we the people will think for a second that they are releasing any products that are actually "artisan"? LOL-LOL

In a way, I kinda give this Marc Fintz guy props for "Raging Against the Machine", but.....

Why is Mr. Fintz "really" going through all the trouble?

Does he think his client base is that doltish that they can't tell the difference between his bagels and the corporate monsters?

Or maybe he's "that guy" who continues to piss in the wind because he got cut from the 8th grade baseball team.....

Or-Or-Or..........maybe Mr. Fintz realized that for the price of filing a lawsuit, a bakery/restaurant can get alot of media coverage.

You can't buy that kind of press from a marketing firm.

Anyways, I trust you kids can tell a good bagel from a bad one, so I'll leave it at that.

If you want to vent on which side you think is on the correct side of the fence...hop in, and for you quiet folks....

Later Skater - Klecko Out

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  1. Sorry, but the person who regularly shops at Dunkin is that dumb and Duncin... just sayin'... I do not think a lawsuit gets this other guy anywhere but he has the same point to make about how something like "natural" is now virtually meaningless. If you want "anything goes" in the food world, especially the marketing part, just let these big corporations get away with this shit...

    1. yeah, food world, politics, religion...and reality TV, anything goes.