Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trial of the Decade / Amy Senser

For those of you who read this Blog across the globe, tomorrow is a big day in my city.

Last August a man was struck dead on a freeway exit ramp in Minneapolis, and the driver who hit him fled the scene of the incident.

The man killed was Anousone Phanthavong.

He was the lead chef at the True Thai restaurant.

At 38 years old, Anousone had worked his way up the ladder the old fashion exerting plenty of elbow grease.

He was a leader in his work place, enjoyed in his community, and from what I've heard....was a hell of a chef.

Anyways, he was heading back to work even though it was his day off, but he wanted to give the cleaning crew rides home.

But his car ran out of gas and began to sputter so he had to pull off the side of the ramp.

When his vehicle was placed in what was thought to be a safe spot, he jogged a little over 100 yards where a gas station attendant who had just shut down his pumps, found pity on him and reopened them so he would be able to move his car off the ramp and get to safety.

Anousone went back and while pouring the petro in.....the police estimated he was hit at 55 miles an hour.

His body was dragged leaving a visual that I don't want to consider...let alone describe.

It was after 11 pm so not many people were aware of the tragedy until the next morning.

The Laotian community was in despair because there was no information as to who hit this emerging presence in their community.

Tick-Tock goes the clock and the Talking Heads news flashed the Twin Cities that Amy Senser, wife of former Minnesota Vikings legend Joe had gone into questioning with her husband and lawyer.

Now I have a tough enough time baking bread, I would never try to pass myself off a a journalist or a lawyer.

I'm just reporting the facts to you as I know them so you can hop on the internet and follow this case with us in the Twin Cities.

As you can imagine, quite a bit of controversy is brewing.

Apparently Amy fled the scene of the crime and said it isn't breaking the law if you didn't realize that you hit somebody.

Then reports hit the media airwaves that Anousone had some issues with chemical dependency, and supposition was cast out that perhaps he was (and these are my words) ALL COKED OUT and moving with an unpredictability on the ramp.

Many people feel that information was tossed into the air to buffer the fact that she bolted.

Our local newspapers have unveiled information slowly, but today I read that after the crash, over the next 1 hour and 19 minutes (and remember, this is around midnight and she is a 45 year old wife and mother) that she made 1 outgoing call and received 15.

Why would somebody call a mom on her way home 15 times????

Other reports declared that Amy mentioned to one of her daughters that she had been drinking that night.

Most of the people in my income bracket think Amy is at fault and because she is married to a local legend, she just might skate on this one. I mean lets face it, after the OJ trial, would any verdict surprise you?

However, friends and colleagues of mine in a higher income brackets have tossed the Hmong chef in with all the other minority / food service riff raff. They are claiming that Amy is being picked on by a liberal media.

Hear me well L.A.B. RATS -

I don't know if Amy Senser actually killed the dude while she was drunk and then bolted, but "O-M-G"... if she is innocent, it would of been in every bodies best interest for her to stay until the cops arrived.

So like I said, tomorrow the trial starts. I hope you will join me in paying attention to this case and if you are persons of faith....I am guessing that the family and friends of Anousone Phanthavong would be grateful for your prayers.


  1. This case made my blood boil since the first article was written in the paper. It's a class clash at it's best; rich, white, affluent woman his and drags 38 year old Hmong chef across the highway "not realizing it" despite the blood all over her car and could not bother taking him to the hospital/calling the cops etc. I know some had tossed out there that she was covering for her young daughter. I DON'T CARE and neither should most people because that will not bring Anousone Phanthavong back.
    I look forward to following this trial while at the same time preparing to be disappointed in the outcome.

    1. I forgot to report that the Senser's, in addition to Joe's "Football Money", they also have partial ownership in 4 Joe Senser restaurants, across the Twin Cities. However....2 have shut down since the incident.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I haven't followed this closely but even without close scrutiny it had a certain odor from the beginning and now the smell is even worse when exposed to sunlight.

  3. I met Anousone two times. My friend Mark is the restaurant's publicist. This war of expectations is an evil thing -- everyone has a drug problem by this measure. It is poison injected into the public mind without trial or corroboration.

    I work for lawyers now so I understand the game. The person with the best lawyer always wins, even if she is found guilty it will be a walkaway.

  4. I have started and erased comments a few times today...

    First, let me say that people who leave the scene of an accident should be punished. People who kill someone should be punished. People that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol who kill people should have a quadruple punishment. A remarkable chef was killed and is missed greatly by those who love him.

    I think all of us would use all of our resources if we are thrust into the legal system whether of our own doing or not. Unfortunately, the more resources you have the better off you will be. It is not an equitable system.

    I believe attacks on Joe and boycotting the restaurants are misplaced anger. Some people have rejoiced at the closings. Joe's holdings in the restaurants is a minority share. The people who have been most hurt by the closings are hourly employees much like Anousone Phanthavong.

    For many years, my brother was often driving impaired and/or without a license. My family tried everything to keep him off the road. Thankfully, he did not hurt anyone. But, it makes me think - if he did would all the people who are blasting Joe be blasting me? Would every good thing I have done in my work - volunteering, be pushed aside because of what my brother did? We aren't defined by one action. We definitely should not be defined by the actions of others.

    I am certain no one is suffering more than Anousone Phanthavong's friends and family. Others are suffering, too. This impacts so many people and it breaks my heart.

    1. Sara, well stated, but I think most of the people who are blasting, are not blasting Joe. People are upset with his wife.
      I am thinking there is going to be a lot of evidence unveiled that we havent heard. The bottom line is poor people simply get tired of the wealthy buying their way out of situations.

      Had Sue McGleno hit & run, I have to wonder if she would have got the same treatment.

      It sounds like we are on the same page as far as consequences...but the question I really have been thinking would "I" react if Sue McGleno hit some dude and killed him?

      She's my wife, so no matter how I handle this, there is going to be a huge loss attached to this.

      Thanks for shouting out Sara