Friday, April 20, 2012

Is the Jimmy John's Driver Dead?

Before I get going here.....what can I say to my friends in Russia and Ukraine other than thank you for visiting this Blog Site so often.

You know the Last American Baker loves nothing more than when he was adopted as The Honorary Russian Baker.

I've been paying attention to all the hits that have been coming from the Motherland recently, it warms my heart so let me assure you, after this post....the next one will account for a Klecko adventure that took place in Novosibirsk.

OK...on to today.

I promised a friend I would meet them at Golden Chow Mien for lunch today at 12:30.

So after running a few errands, I headed over, taking West 7th street.

This route starts in the downtown area of Saint Paul and stretches southward out past the airport.

I like this route better than the freeway because I get to cruise past The X-Cel Center, The old Pigs Eye Brewery, The homeless mission, and of course the old Custom Bakery building located at 1254 West 7th.

Every time I take this route, I am traveling back through time, remembering the finest days of my life.

Every time I take this route, I add new chapters to my life's catalog.

My date today was Linda White, amongst being a literary publicist, she too is a poet and all around literary geek.

I love her to death.

About 1/2 way between Point "A" and Point "B", I noticed twirling lights, red & blue on top of emergency vehicles.

There were fire engines, cop cars and ambulances protecting 2 smashed up cars in an intersection.

The first car I passed was a baby S.U.V. that was crushed like an aluminum can.

The second....

Well it was a Jimmy Johns delivery car.

This Jimmy John's car looked like an accordion.

I did my best to gooseneck to check for collateral damage.

I didn't see any bodies though...(Polish Christ, Saint Faustina and Angels of Warsaw be with the people and the families of the people that were involved in this accident), and it's not like there was a lot of time to look.

Johnny Law kept twirling his arm like Pete Townsend during a "Teenage Wasteland" encore.

Now the accident was behind me.

As I inched closer towards Linda White, I put my focus on the Jimmy Johns driver.

When you drive for a sandwich outfit, typically they don't have a delivery fleet.

The drivers use their own car, receive wages / tips and mileage reimbursements.

Dudes car was totaled.

So assuming she/he was able to walk away unscathed, I wondered how this single moment in the intersection would change this persons life.








When Food Service Workers are forced out of their jobs, often times they view this as fate, like God is telling them that the "Pit Stop" is over, and now it is time to get on with their real life.

I'd be willing to bet you that if those drivers walked away with their health, there is a really good chance that if you track down that Jimmy Johns driver in a couple years, they might tell you that today's accident was the best thing that could have happened.

Had it not happened....perhaps they may have never moved on.

As much as I discuss my Polish traits, I am 1/2 Irish too.

Maybe that's why I've never had such a defining moment.

Us Irish are like cockroaches....once our our course is set, an elephant can't push us off the line.

However.....not everyone is Irish, so this "Blessing/Curse" is seldom implemented.

For the general populace, it only takes one split second, and the outcome of your life can turn huh?

Have any of you L.A.B. Rats had a moment like that.

If tell, the rest of us our curious.

Prevet Comrades.


  1. I agree that losing one's job can point you to a better direction. But sometimes it is just a failure. As for being injured or killed in a crash -- I think it's rare for that to seem like a great blessing.

    but, I'm irish ...