Monday, August 13, 2012

Bakery Olympics (Mexican Gold)

What I am going to do now?

For the last 17 days I haven't had to turn my TV.

For 17 days, it didn't matter if it was morning noon or night.

For 17 days, I just stood still and let the world come to me.

Other than work.....I just watched the Olympics.

As a kid I was raised to only cheer "RAH" for the Red-White and Blue of America.

But as a man.....I have learned that it isn't about countries, but to understand greatness you should really be focussed on players....and plays.

If you work in a bakery.......

If you work in a kitchen.......

If you work in a restaurant in the country you were born, chances are you are a minority.

I have the honor of working with people across the world.

So when the Olympics isn't a slam dunk that my colleagues will be rooting for my squad, they're going to have interests of their own.

On Sunday, the final day of the London games, I have to admit......

It was hard to get stoked when the USA men's basketball team took gold.

We have Lebron, Kobe and my home boy K-Love, if we didn't win....I would have been shocked.

To me, the coolest part of the Olympics is when a person or country defies the odds and accomplishes the impossible.

This last Saturday, I pulled the single shift. Only one guy works at the plant on Saturdays, and basically their job is to put out fires in the event one of our orders gets botched.

So after dropping an order to Irish fest, I do some paper work, and it occurs to me that the Mexican men's soccer team is playing that Brazilian juggernaut squad.

My heart kinda sunk because many of my Mexican co workers are the most sincere humans I have known.

They work hard....

They play hard....

But they also come from a country that is dirt poor compared to the Brazil.

The odds of winning were slight.

But that's why the Olympics are so special to me.

I do believe in miracles.

I think it only took 28 seconds into the match before a Mexican forward got through Brazil's touted defense and scored the first goal.

Dude...Brazil is like the Yankees of soccer, you just kinda knew they would come back..........

But they didn't.

The Mexicans wanted it more.

All day Sunday...

All day today.....

At the bakery, and at the restaurants I visited.

At the gas station and at the gym.....

Every Mexican person I ran into had a smile and glow.

And to me, when I see the brightness in these peoples eyes, I take a second to cherish the accomplishments of their country because.....

When you get to be my age, it's not about countries.

It's about players and plays

Mexico 2

Brazil    1