Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who Are You? (Statistics Revealed)

It's official, not that it matters, but it kinda does to me........

The Last American Baker has been read in over 100 countries (102 in fact).

I'm not sure how other Blog writers view their audience, not that it matters, but each day I like to track what countries have participated in my world of story telling, recipes and sometimes, but hopefully not too often.... factual musings.

The thing about Blogs is it gives people a chance to either live vicariously in the world that the writer specializes in.

For others....who knows? Maybe they just want to "creep" on your scene.

To me, and you should know this by now, it doesn't matter in the least. I'm just happy to know YOU people are out there.

Sometimes in the early morning, I think about you guys.

I think about you collectively and indavidually.

It's a real honor to know that you people take time to visit my cyber camp, but Klecko does not want to be a taker.

For what it's worth, it's important for me, to make sure you know that I value you guys, even and maybe ecspecially those of you that live on parts of the globe that are so far from me.

Russia - Germany - Canada - England, you cats are like my siblings.

You guys have been huge in the international success of this site.

I am in your debt.

The thing about Blogs is even though there is a course for both sides to exchange communication, it seldom happens.

People are protective by nature.

In addition to having blood-bones and flesh....they have another thing called social filters.

I also have one, but my model is worn out, and truth be never was good even when it was new.

Not that it matters, but it does to me......

I love most of you.

Thanks for reading, and for those of you keeping score at you go.

                                                         LAST AMERICAN BAKER
                                                          (COUNTRIES VIEWED IN)
Albania – Anguilla - Argentina – Armenia - Australia –Azerbaijan – Bahrain - Bangladesh – Belarus – Belgium - Bolivia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Botswana - Brazil – Brunei - Bulgaria – Burma – Canada – Chili – China – Columbia – Croatia – Cyprus - Denmark – Ecuador - Egypt – Estonia – Fiji - Finland – France – Gabon - Georgia – Germany – Ghana – Greece – Guatemala - Guernsey Island - Guyana - Haiti – Hong Kong – Hungary – India –Indonesia – Iraq – Iran – Ireland – Isle of Man – Israel – Italy – Japan – Jordon – Kazakhstan – Kenya - Kuwait – Latvia – Lebanon – Libya – Lithuania – Luxemburg – Macedonia –Malta – Malaysia – Mauritius - Mexico – Moldova - Netherlands – New Zealand – Nigeria - Norway – Oman - Pakistan – Palestinian Territories - Papua New Guinea - Peru – Philippines – Poland – Portugal – Puerto Rico – Qatar – Romania – Russia – Saudi Arabia - Serbia –Singapore – Slovakia – Slovenia - South Africa - South Korea – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Taiwan – Thailand – Tunisia - Turkey – United Kingdom – United State – Ukraine – United Arab Emirates – Venezuela – Viet Nam

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