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State Fair Hand Out - Pirate Bundt Cake

Father - Son and Holy Ghost.......

What do we love to bake the most?????

Bundt Cake -

Bundt Cake -

Bundt Cake -

Do I hear an amen?

You Know.....alot of people view the Bundt as an EZ-Peezy form for shlopping out a cake.

Yeah, I guess it can be, but you can also use this wonderful medium to elevate flavors and entice even the most bored palate, however...there are a few things you might want to consider.

Scratch VS Cake Mixes -

You know Klecko isn't a snob, but I must say....if you are not mixing from scratch, your "Cake Canvas" is really going to be simular to a warped piece of plywood.

Flour Type -

Most of the recipes I run across in cookbooks or the internet call for patent, cake or low protein flour.

Klecko disagrees....

If you use a High Gluten or Bread Flour, your base for liquid is going to be so much stronger, and therefore you can build a structure that will hold more moisture.

Why be the little pig who builds a house of sticks when there is a pile of bricks in the back yard?

Trust me on this.

Oil VS Butter -

It isn't even close. Oil is far more valuble to a Bundt Cake than butter. You can always infuse butter into a Bundt (as we will in todays recipe), but you can't infuse tenderness and quality mouth feel with butter. It will simply produce a drier cake.

Oven Temp -

As usual, cook books and internet recipes will almost always say......

Bake at 325 - 350 (F).

They are stupid.....sorry to be so frank, but they are not well thought out.

Bake @ 375 for the first 10 minutes, but then drop your temp down to 350 (F) for the remainder of the bake.

By doing this you will create a much stronger crumbwall that will support the weight of your hefty cake temple.
Preparing Your Bundt Pan -

I posted on Facebook....How should a baker prepare their Bundt Pan, and you know what? I got a billion different answers.

You kids are so overthinking this.

Just spray the aerosol pan spray. some have suggested to use the stuff with the flour in it.....

You shouldn't have to.

Spray the entire interior heavy, just prior to pouring in your batter, and if your pan is in good shape....well it's gravity that will plop that Bundt onto the platter.

Bake Time -

I have had recipes inform me my Bundt would be done in 35 minutes...and you know what? It took 52.

Your Bundt is done....when it is done.

Look for the cake to start pulling away from the sides of the pan, as well as the core.

Type of Pans -

Theres are 5 cup pans

7 cup pans

Dark coated pans

Light coated pans

Metal pans

Plastic pans

Single unit pans

Multi unit pans

They all work different peeps. There is no right or wrong. Just different, stick with a pan you like, Klecko loves the heavy Nordic Ware versions...but it's not my dream, it's your dream.

Just pick your pan and roll with it.

These are just a few idea to to help you improve your Bundt Baking.

And before I continue on, I want to make certain that I am not trying to come off as a know it all.

Without the advice from the likes of Kim Ode, Gilson or cakes would be ghoulish.

I just get excited about stuff that excites me.

If you want to impress, this is a great baking arena to choose because so many crappy Bundt's have been served and if you just put a wee little thought into this......

Like the Pied Piper, all the wharf rats and L.A.B. Rats will be chasing after you for your crumbs.

Oh yeah.....nothing like adding booze to your cake interior or glaze. it is........


Step #1

You can use fresh or dehydrated pineapple (1 1/2 cups) for this recipe. If you use fresh, just add it into the wet bowl last.

But Klecko enjoys booze, so the night before baking, he pulls out the dehydrated pineapple and soaks in a cup of rum.

Step #2

In your "Wet Container", you can use a bowl, but I like higher walls to prevent splashing.

Drop in.........

2 cups canola oil

7 eggs

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

2/3 cup sour cream

1/3 cup heavy cream

I will blend lightly with a spatula, and when this liquid comes together, I then use my hands. I squish it through my fingers. I make certain nothing is clinging to my container.

Step #3

I remove the dehydrated pinapple from the rum, and place it into the wet bucket, and gently incorperate it.

*don't toss out or drink that rum, reserve it for a later step

Step #4

In a large bowl drop......

2 1/2 cups sugar

3 cups high gluten or bread flour

2 tablespoons of B-Soda

1/2 teaspoon of Kosher salt (Kosher breaks down quick....that's a good thing)

Step #5

Dump the liquid into the dry bowl, fold it with your spatula, then finish with your hands. Your fingertips will be paramount in your Bundt baking career. They will automatically sense if that cake is wet, dry.....or in your case....PERFECT.

Step #6

Spray your pan

Step #7

Pour your Bundt pan 66%-75% full

Step #8


Step #9

Take out of oven, let cool for 10-15 minutes.

Then I like to place my serving plate onto of the Bundt pan and quickly flip it over.

Give a little "Thump-Thump" on the counter top....and everything should be perfect.

If you follwed the directions, you'll hear a solid "PLOP"!

I love that sound.

Step #10

Get a sauce pan and dump.......

3 cups water

1 cup dark rum

2 cups sugar

1/2 cup (4 ounces) butter

4 tablesponns vanilla extract

Boil this together, it isn't going to get super thick, so just bring it to a boil and let is "set up" for a couple minutes.

While you are waiting you can poke tooth pick size holes into your Bundt and then you can either keep it on your serving plate, or place it on a wire rack.

What we are going to do is ladle tyhe rum syrup over this cake.

If you keep it on the platter, the bottom will get a little soggy from the rum that has built up within the inner cavity.

This doesn't bother Klecko, he's not a savage LOL.

Klecko knows that a real Bundt is best after sitting a day to build flavor.

After soaking for the day, I simply flip the Bundt upside down, and the syrup goo will drain back into the cakes interior while I sleep.

However, his best friend Sue McGleno doesnt share his opinion....or restraint.

She wants to delve in the moment the glaze coats the Bundt, so in this case, it might be worth having a few grooves on the bottom, just pop the cake onto a wire rack and that will erase any issues with a soggy Bundt.

Alright, Klecko is grateful you stopped by at the Fair to visit him, good luch with this recipe, and if you have any questions...shout at me.

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