Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank You Rah...................

Friday - 4:12 P.M.

Klecko bounces into the Admin building......

He waves hello to Fickett -

Next he evaded a flurry of eyerolls from the Intern -

After that he walks over to Gid's cubicle, shakes the Magic 8 Ball on her desk until she gets pissed....

"Klecko, you don't shake the Magic 8 Ball, you ask your question and roll it over in your hand, don't you know anything?"

I explained to Gid that it was she who might be in the dark on this, boys never play with Magic 8 Balls and therefore don't know the rules, their gender is more Etch-A-Sketch focused.

She's not buying this and with words of silence.....she whisks me away.

The Intern it still sitting in that blasted cubicle, legs stretched out...arms crossed, and now her rolling eyes have turned into a jetting stare that have me frightened so I double step it past her and dive into Rah's Cubby.

Rah is sitting there with Noo, and the 2 of them have this strange look on their face, like a look that might indicate that I just missed them smoking cigs, or watching stuff on the internet that might be considered compromising.....

Rah -

"Klecko, I was just dialing your number, I got something big for ya. We got you the Breakfast with Kare 11 tomorrow...Saturday morning if you want it."

Her and Noo were smiling. they know that a breakfast slot on the first Saturday of the Fair is almost as good as running a commercial just prior to the Superbowl.

This is the slot that every concept at the Fair would kill for.....myself included.

I was proud of them, and happy for me.

Then I found out that I would have to pretty much wake up at the hour that Satan goes to bed, to do this gig...but in show biz, everybody has to make compromises.

"@#$&*!" I thought, this was the one day I wouldn't have my ride because Sue McGleno was taking Tydus back to college, but my friend Rah interceded......

"I just live this close to you Klecko, I'll be in front of your place @ 6:15"

I like to get rides from Rah. she is an even 5 feet tall, so when she drives her car...her legs stretch out straight like she were riding a go kart.

Most of the time when I am with Rah, we are surrounded by mobs of people.

But at 6:15 on Saturday was just the 2 of us on Hartford Avenue.

It was still a little dark, a breeze was blowing, and our world was quiet.

The moment was kinda surreal for me, so I just took a mental snapshot, because I figured sometime later in life, I'd probably want to come back to this experience.

Tick - Tock goes the clock, we are at the Creative Activities Building.

Now we're waiting for the camera guy right?

And while we do this, we kill some time looking at the ribbon winning crafts that are secured inside the glass show cases.

BTW...the Intern has joined us now, and our 3-Some strolled through one aisle after another...

Hah...all of a sudden the Intern laughs, points her finger towards a display, and when Rah and my eyes made contact with it....we recoiled in fear.

It was a needle point project, about 8" x 11" and in a frame, the quality was superb, but the content was bizarre.

It was a picture of some doofus looking kid with a smart a** grin and a pair of aviator glasses.

Dude was sitting at a picnic table, and across the way was a young chick in a bikini.

We get a side view of this chick right? And I'm not making this up.....the chick had boobs so big and plastic looking, you knew that she had implants.

Out group laughed, and pondered out loud, how could somebody be so gifted that they could convey plastic breasts through the art of cross stitch?

I mean they actually had a sheen on them.

Rah and the Intern giggled in a tone that made me uncomfortable, and at that point...I decided to divorce myself of their company.....

But then I saw something else, something so disturbing....I was afraid to be alone.

Remember, we are by ourselves in this big old building, the lights are low.......

"Girls.....GIRLS, get over here!"

So now they show up, and I posed the question......

"Just curious, when you ladies are going throughout your day, do you want the world to see you as beautiful, or maybe as a Plop-A**?"

My companions were confused so I suspended my question and then instead offered up some advice.....

"If I were as pretty as you two, I think I would want to show off my spectacular bod with this...wouldn't you?"

And then I directed their attention to this Moo-Moo looking frumpy dress that had a million shades of aquatic blues, and that was covered with patterns of Orca Whales.

I mean come on......Skinny Minnie - Chubby Cubbie....who wants to shroud themselves in an Orca garment....

And it won a ribbon!!!!!!!!

Then Intern yells out.........

"And theres turtles on the back!"

At this point the camera man entered, we set our shot, the roving reporter entered, and then thousands and thousands.....and thousands of people got to watch Danny Klecko pimp Bundt Cakes and his bakery.

That took place 36 hours ago, and I can tell you the impact it had was phenomenal.

My 3 p.m demo featuring my Irish Bundt had the largest audience I have ever seen in 10 years, in fact.....even the Vice President of Nordic Ware came out to watch it with his wife.

The fruits of SouthSide's Labor have reaped some big things for me, just in the last 24 hours...hundreds of people approached me and discussed my 6 minute slot on the airwaves, and in my business....that kind of attention, or focus are priceless.

But with that said, now that the buzz is fading down, I don't think being on TV was nearly as much fun for me as hanging out with Rah and the intern in an empty building.


  1. Klecko you are so poetic that it makes me long for the days of demos at the MN State Fair with the little cupcake girl you so kindly encouraged to perform. Reading your blog is almost as delightful as spending time in your company! Have a great time at the fair! Wish I could be there. Joan Peterson, your Sanitarian friend with the cake decorating daughter

    1. Joan....OMG, that was so 250 shows ago. Your pretty daughter has visited me most years since, you have done wonders with proud Mom.